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According to Rene Descartes, a renowned French Philosopher ‘ The key to successful leadership is influence and capacity not authority ‘. IMO state has indeed remained in a suspended animation because most of those in the leadership saddle lack capacity. Capacity according to Jim Rohn is the driving force of leadership. It only takes a man of capacity to build a precedent for sustainable development in our state. Sustainable development is a function of the presence of noble men of capacity and transcendence.


It is only a man of capacity with indomitable will power can pursue the ideals of common good. Society building does not only requires heroes of strong ethical persuasion and impeccable moral stamina but also requires men of capacity. A man of capacity is like the Titan of Rhodes. While it lies in the domain of a man of capacity to develop a formidable willpower for sustainable development in any society , it is also a man of capacity that can shape the future of any society. One of the common denominator among men of capacity is the willpower and set of virtues with which they confront any changes facing their society especially in extreme adverse conditions.

What Imo State need is a man of capacity with frontier spirit to surmount the challenges bedevilling developmental progress in the state .

Does Uche ONYEAGUCHA has capacity, Oh yes! he has capacity, he is indeed a man of capacity, no doubt about it. Let’s all look for a man of capacity.

Enwere Is Chief Press Secretary To Hon Onyeagocha


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