In line with its plans to upgrade and improve the transport system in the State, the Imo State Ministry of Transport has rolled out new rules to regulate the transport system in the State.


It had constituted a Task Force to clamp down on taxi cab and bus drivers in the Owerri municipality who failed to comply with government approved colours.

Men of the Task Force had swiftly moved into action and apprehended those who flouted the rules.

This led to passengers being stranded as most taxi and bus drivers vanished from the streets and major roads of Owerri. Some of the drivers who spoke on condition of anonymity alleged that the cost of painting their cabs with the colours range from N65,000 for taxis, while bus go for  N80,000

The State Commissioner of Transport, Lasbrey Okoroaforanyanwu inaugurated the task force and unveiled new rules for taxi cabs operators which include:

• It is an offence to operate unbranded and non fleeted taxis or bus within Owerri Municipality.

• No Taxi or bus driver should carry more than one passenger on the front seat and not more than three persons at the back seat

• Passengers are not enter unbranded taxi or bus cabs.

• No dropping of passenger(s) at non designated areas or locations.


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