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Uche Onyeagocha Writes To People Of Owerri Zone On Imo Guber

Hon. Uche Onyeagocha

My Dear People Of Owerri Zone,

It is with humility, love and in the spirit of comradeship that I address you today. Yes I have been commenting and contributing in all discussion and programs of this forum, not because I am idle or have nothing doing but because I am part of you and no better than all of you that have kept this house and the struggle for the actualization of our Fair, Divine and Equitable Owerri Zone mandate on.


May God keep all of us alive until and after we have entered the promised land. And to all my supporters I say thank you, and to the supporters of other aspirants from Owerri Zone I also say thanks because we must get there together.

My name is Uchechukwu Onyeagocha from Obinze Owerri West local Government Area of Imo State. I am a Governorship aspirant on the platform of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA).

Yes it is very possible for people to say that I am stubborn but I doubt if there is anybody who knows me that will say that I am selfish, all my actions in life have always been to make life of the masses better and that is why I have always been and I still remain the most accessible Governorship aspirant in Imo state. Accessible in the sense that I have maintained a particular phone number (08033107283) all through my life even from my days in the National Assembly till date and I have always picked every call maybe except when I am unavailable or busy and again I have always operated from my house knowing fully well that I am not a better person than you or the masses because no man is common and what differentiates the rich from the poor is nothing but opportunity.

My entrance into politics has always been and it still remains to create opportunity for the poor to benefit from our collective resources which has always been harnessed by a tiny clique that doesn’t constitute more than one percent of our entire population.

It is a fact that our collective resources have for long been used to maintain and service only the few cabals and that has to stop.

Again this very same cabals have to be made to account for all our collective resources they have privatised and this I shall do.

Permit me to also say that the struggle for the actualization of Imo Governor of Owerri zone extraction come 2019 is far beyond any single individual, man or woman in Owerri Zone not even me. It is also far beyond any local government or geographical block but entirely and Owerri Zonal affairs.

Records still have it that I strongly made a case for the Emergence of An Imo Governor of Owerri Zone extraction in 2007, and in Owerri Zone I also made a serious case for the man to come from the Mbaise block of Owerri zone, not because Mbaise is a senatorial Zone of its own but because of my love for the great Mbaise nation coupled with the fact that Mbaise was better positioned to get it then.

I severally hosted Mbaise leaders at Nkwobi Affor Ogbe Ahiazu Mbaise local government in 2007 on the subject matter but most of their leaders as at then didn’t see reasons with me, still since then I have maintained a very sound relationship with Mbaise people, as more of my friends are from Mbaise than any other block in Owerri Zone, I doubt if there is any community in Mbaise that I don’t know or haven’t visited since the past six months, not on political visits but purely on friendship visits.

Again that Chief Evans Enwerem from the Mbaike block of Owerri Zone Governed Imo State for some months doesn’t mean that the Mbaike block of Owerri Zone has had their share and is therefore not qualified to be Governor in 2019 nooooo. They like every other block in Owerri Zone have equal right to aspire for Imo Governorship and the truth is that we have very qualified sons and daughters of Mbaike block who have what it takes to contest and win the office of the President and commander in chief of the Armed Forces of Federal Republic of Nigeria not to talk of the the Governor of Imo State and we must also know that a particular local government in the Mbaike block of Owerri Zone has the highest number of registered voters in Imo State, and no doubt that the Mbaike block has contributed immeasurably in my political, private and social lives and I will forever remain grateful to them.

However, we will be making a monumental mistake that will leave us with a catastrophic consequences if we continue to dwell on blocks as we approach 2019.

We must remember that that we are going to face a desperate sinking man and his family who have since 2011 converted the entire Imo State allocation, lands, bailout funds including the IGR to their personal use and will do everything within his powers to ensure that he hands over to his Inlaw (Uche Nwosu) in other to escape justice.

So fighting and defeating such a man requires far more than being nice or a perfect gentleman, rather it’s requires that very man who knows Rochas so well and who can match Rochas war chest. Governor Ethelbert Rochas Anayo Okorocha knows that I have the capacity to match him fire for fire with your supports.

I am certain that I have the support of the Keke riders, Okada riders, Traders, artisans, students, pensioners, civil servants and I enjoy very cordial relationship with the church, men and women of goodwill even beyond my party (APGA), not forgetting lovers of the Biafran nation and standby comrades who are very ready to offer any assistance needed to ensure that this war for Owerri Zone against Rochas, his family and in laws is won.

Furthermore, I enjoy also the very cordial support of our brothers and sisters from Orlu and Okigwe Zones and frankly speaking I am gladdened by their show of love and support.

Nevertheless, I am your son, brother, friend, ally, etc. I am not above advice because I can’t do it alone, and as I am presenting myself to you for support I will also respect and wholeheartedly accept the decision of this noble forum and that of the entire Owerri Zone in case this forum decides that I am not the best person to lead this war for you against Rochas and I will support with my resources anybody this forum decides. But in case you believe that I have all it takes to lead this war for you please don’t hesitate to join me in this struggle.

And to the admins of this noble forum I plead that you don’t remove or even caution anybody who insults me or even calls or makes uncomplimentary remark or remarks about me because he or she has the right to express his feelings whether right or wrong.

Please do take action when they insult other Governorship aspirants from Owerri Zone but please on my own allow people to express themselves freely.

This struggle is far beyond me but for the entire Owerri Zone and Imo state.





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