A  social crusader rusader and political analyst, Hon. Okeke Marcel Chukwuemeka has stated that 70% of Imolites are cheap, gullible, docile and weak.


Speaking to newsmen in Owerri, Hon. Okeke revealed that he took time to study the behaviourial pattern of Imo people and discovered that 70% of Imolites are gullible, cheap to buy with money and weak to fight when it matters most.

Strengthening his argument, he recalled that one of the greatest and most respected modern historians that ever lived, an Englishman Professor Hugh Trevor – Roper of Oxford University had described the history of Black Africans as nothing but darkness

According to him, a wealthy Arab slave trader who lived in the 18th Century and whose name was Mehma Mohammed, described the black slaves he traded on as lazy, greedy, stupid, godless, dirty and most importantly, cowards. He went further to describe the black slaves as those that have no god and they have no interest in dying for or fighting for anything aside how their feed daily.

Hon. Okeke further likened the the story of the Arab slave trader in the 18th century  and ongoing development in Imo State. .

“Because of docile and gullible nature of 70% of Imolites, if you line 70% of Imolites up and put a whip on them they will do anything you want them to do. Give them cooked Rice, malt and N2000 during elections, they can go ahead and vote for a goat or cow” he explained


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