Nollywood upcoming actress, Miss Benita Adaeze who hails from Emii, Owerri North, Imo State in this brief interview with Chukwudi Sopuruchi of Showbiz Today has identified desperation as reason some actresses submit their bodies to producers in order to secure movie roles.

May we know your full name?

My name is Opara Benita Adaeze. I hail from Emii, Owerri North in Imo State.

When did you join acting?

I starting acting at the age of 14 before I got involved in a terrible accident that prevented me from acting for some time. But thank God that I am whole now and bounced back to my acting career.

What inspired you?

I love acting, I love doing it not for the sake of money or fame. It is something that I have great passion for because I love putting smiles on the face of my fans.

What is your view about the speculation that actresses sleep with producers for movie roles?

It is not totally the fault of the producers. Most girls in the industry are too desperate and are willing to do anything to get to stardom. They are the ones who brought this attitude into the industry. Imagine what we go through as upcoming actress. A producer may give you an option to sleep with him or you forget the role and when you refuse, many other desperate girls are at his beck and call to take that role which you merited. Some even go extra mile to offer both their body and money at the same time to the producers for a role. I believe it is anyone who wants to be slept with that eventually will be slept with.

Who are your favourite producers, actors/actresses?

I always would want to work with producer Onowu Daniel, Regina Daniel, Ebere Okaro, Zubby Michael and many others. They are all lovely.

What is your ultimate aim as an actress?

I want to be able to give my producers and viewers the best they want from me and be able to make them proud of me. I also want to upgrade someday to become a producer and also feature in Hollywood movies.

*Benita With A Popular Nollywood Actor*


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