The Grassroot Democratic Party of Nigeria, GDPN has called on the Imo electorate to reject “evil politicians and 419ners” in the forthcoming elections in Imo State..


Speaking in Owerri, State Chairman of the party, Hon Ben Diribe said the major problem confronting the people of Imo State is electing politicians of questionable character, stating that since 1999, men of questionable character have been elected into elective positions.

“ If we (Imo people) fail to identify these leopards who put on sheep clothes, it will be another disaster for us in 2019” he said


He said that the people of Imo State have been deceived by politicians who tell them what they want to hear,urging them to wake up from their slumber.

“ They come up with impressionistic structures, but the truth is that you cannot fool them all the time. But Imolites have woken up from their slumber” he said

Diribe said the ongoing crisis in the APC especially what transpired at the ward and Local Government Congress is a case study of what would happen in 2019.

“ All Governor Okorocha’s boast failed because Imo people has seen the anus of the palm wine tapper. The APC congress should be an eye opener to Governor Okorocha” he said

The GDPN Chairman in his reaction to calls by former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar that the PDP should merge with other political parties he said “It is no longer news that GDPN is consolidating its position to be the leading political force in Nigeria and shall continue to be a constructive organization in which participatory democracy shall be maintained. The GDPN has policy of equality, justice, liberty, solidarity, peace, political, economic and social progress and prosperity for the good people of Nigeria.

“I know our party at the national level will be ready to extend a handshake across once it is for the betterment of Nigeria as a country.” History of merger in Nigeria is not new, it has worked out effectively before only that APC which benefited from it” he said


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