Former Imo State Governor, Ikedi Ohakim has said Imo State is heading to massive turbulence.

Ohakim apparently reacting to the clash of Imo delegates at the APC national convention in Abuja frowned at the incident, harping on character as a key instrument to manage political conflict.


He posted on his verified facebook page on Sunday “Character is everything. Do we need brute force and gangsterism to manage political conflict? People with character cum education prefer conversation to confrontation, they prefer consensus over aggression and civility over thuggery.

“Please put on your seat belt, the whether is changing, Imo is heading towards a massive turbulence!! Say after me;

In another post which he uploaded pictures of Imo delegates including that of the Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere who was a victim of the attack at the convention venue, he wrote on the need for leaders to be respected.


“No matter what, we must respect our leaders, Rochas included. Never, I repeat never abuse or manhandle those in authority. I refer to this picture and also what happened to our spiritual father during a burial church service some time ago in Imo State.
HE Prince Madumere is still our Deputy Governor. Very disgusting” he wrote.

Ohakim is staging a come back to Government House, Owerri after governing the State from 2007-2011. He announced his intention to return as Governor of the State in February 2018.

Since then, he had engaged in verbal and fierce altercations with the Okorocha administration.



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