The Grassroot Development Party of Nigeria (GDPN) has said Imo State is yet to have the best as its State governor.


Hon. Ben Diribe, Imo State Chairman of GDPN, described Imo State as a sinking ship in the hands of a bad and inexperienced captain. He said the GDPN will offer Imo State good leadership if elected in 2019.

Speaking to newsmen shortly after the GDPN stakeholders meeting in Owerri, Hon Diribe revealed and regretted that Imo people have been very unlucky and not been able to get the best of hands to run the affairs of its government.

He described Imo state as a sinking ship in the hands of a bad and inexperienced captain.

According to him, “Imo State needs the urgent help of an experienced captain to pilot the affairs of it depleting economy”.

He expressed fears that if nothing tangible is done to rescue Imo out of maladministration, the masses will be reduced to nothing economically and the consequences will be unbearable.

He stated that the party was meeting to harmonize issues concerning the ward, LGA, State and national congress elections.

Diribe said that efforts are on to mobilize the wards and LGA’s and reach out to leaders to draw a new road map for GDPN ahead of 2019.

He regretted that the misery, hardship and agony ravaging the country and the state was due to the bad leadership of the APC both at the State and National levels and called on Imolites to start thinking and dreaming GDPN as the only solution for Imolites come 2019.


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