There are strong indications that the planned solidarity rally by workers in Imo State for Governor Rochas Okorocha may have been postponed to Tuesday next week.

This newspaper had reported that organized Labour had kicked against the rally but it appears the workers will proceed with the exercise.

Imo State Commissioner of Information, Prof Nnamdi Obiareri had said the workers were holding the rally by themselves and there is nothing wrong if they do so.

“It’s the decision of the Imo workforce. On their own, they chose to honour a man that has honoured them. What is bad about that? Okorocha is a labour- friendly governor” he reportedly said last week.

This newspaper observed that despite the resentment of the workers about the rally, there were reports of threats from top officials of various ministries on the workers to go on with the rally. There was no independent verification of these allegations.

It was gathered that the rally has been postponed thrice. It was to be held last Tuesday at Heroes Square but shifted to Thursday this week. The new date, according to a source is now Tuesday next week.

A former member of the House of Representatives, Hon Uche Onyeagocha had said in a statement that the rally was uncalled for.

“To us, forcing or coercing Imo civil servants into such a jamboree against their wish is not only unfortunate but insultive on the entire Imo state workforce. It is also morally unjustifiable for the Governor to force the civil servants in the state to go against their wish” Onyeagocha stated



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