Aside destroying buildings and blowing away roofs of some houses including that of Owerri City School, the heavy downpour that hit Owerri, Imo State capital like a tsunami is also responsible for the power outage in the city since Friday.


Though power supply has been erratic in the city for a long time, it has been observed that in some areas power supply has not been restored after the rainfall.

It was gathered that some electric poles and cables were also destroyed by the wind.

” The rainfall was devastating. Electric Poles were pulled down destroying power cables in the process. This is the case in almost all parts of Owerri” an Owerri resident complained.

Areas affected by power outage after the rainfall include Wethedral road and adjoining streets such as Njiribeako, Odagu and Ajoku, Christ Church Road and other areas.

Though officials of the EEDC were yet to officially respond to the issue of no power supply after the rainfall, there are strong indications that areas affected may in darkness for a long period because of the level of damage.


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