Contrary to reports in the media that some principal officers of the Imo State House of Assembly are already jostling to take over the position of the Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere when he is impeached, a key officer of the Assembly who spoke to this newspaper  on condition of anonymity has said there is no iota of truth in the report.


The House has been accused lately of allegations bordering on oath taking.

“We have seen that there is no need to respond to these allegations. They are all cooked up lies and claims which never existed”

“There is no war between the Speaker, Rt Acho Ihim and the Majority Leader, Hon.Lugard Osuji to take over the job of the Deputy Governor.  The Speaker and the Majority Leader enjoy the best of relationships. If they do not, the Speaker would not have  played the return of the Majority Leader for a second time.


“There is no impeachment plot against the Deputy Governor. Everytime they keep coming up of a non existent impeachment against the Deputy Governor. They just come up with these issues and baseless allegations.

All these cock and bull stories in the newspapers are mere hogwash feuled by the opposition. We know those behind this fallacy and they are not true.And sometimes we ask ourselves where has ethics in journalism gone to.

“ We were accused of taking an oath for N50 million. N50 million to do what. .Why should we do that. It is another blackmail. All sorts of lies have been formulated against us in the media but we remain unperturbed.


“We have been living up to our responsibility as lawmakers.We may not have Ben perfect but we know we are doing our best. That we have maintained a cordial relationship with the Executives does not mean we are not alive to our responsibilities”



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