It was drama at the Imo State University, Owerri as the school authorities enforced a no school fees, no exam policy.


Students who failed to comply were chased out of the exam hall.

This contradicts the repeated claims of the Imo State Government that there is free education from primary to the university levels in the State.


The policy, this newspaper gathered, was implemented last Monday which denied many undergraduates the opportunity to sit for their exams.


Some of the students who spoke on condition of anonymity said  security men were instructed by the school authorities to stand at the examination hall and fish out those who had not complied or had proof of payment of their school fees.


Those who defied the instruction were asked to leave the exam hall.


An official of the varsity who spoke in condition of anonymity confirmed the development.

He revealed that it was students who are indigenes of the State that were barred from taking over their exams for non payment of what he described as “ancillary fees”



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