As an authority in the media industry, it is expedient to write this noble piece, considering the ugly trend which has infiltrated into the well established media community. It is important to point out that since the advent of the new media, different kinds of concoctions have crippled into the Journalism profession.


It is not surprising to see all manner of junks being peddled in the social media. Reports are no longer investigated before they are pushed online. Social miscreants now use the new media to propagate all sorts of falsehood and blackmail on their perceived rivals. These malpractices are strange in the media world. But, the fact remains that the inglorious nature of the new media cannot obliterate the scintillating influence, Journalism commands in the present day media practice.


Even though, facebook has offered opportunity to the public to have their voices heard in the social media, it is peculiar for users of the social network to be dutiful while taking advantage of such generational privilege provided by facebook. Also, Journalists should rise against this ugly trend. They must take their position in the media industry in order to withstand the external forces from the global entity. For instance, a trained Journalist knows how to write news, compile news articles and commentaries in a professional style.


A trained Journalist will observe viewer discretion before displaying horrific pictures of accident victims or casualty that happened somewhere.

But, social media users, upload any sort of thresh that stumble their way, without observing the ethics of mass media. Most reports online are libelous, capable of igniting legal action unless substantiated with verifiable facts.

It is factual at this juncture to state that users of social media should upgrade their skills in contemporary media ethics and etiquette so as to practice devoid of undue influence.


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