These are interesting times in Imo politics. The most sought top job in the State- the Imo governorship- will be up for grabs in 2019. And the polity is already heating up for this biggest battle.


Owerri zone has always been the weeping child of the Imo political family.And in this dispensation, the agitation of the zone is the same, same approach, same colouration.

For the umpteenth time, it is asking for the governorship of the State on the grounds that the last time it produced a State Governor was in 1992 when Evan Enwerem ran the State under Babangida’s diarchy system of government. Since then, Orlu zone had dominated the political arena taking advantage of its numerical strength and size to hold forte State power.Only Okigwe zone interrupted their grip when Ikedi Ohakim through sheer circumstances and political accident was elected Governor in 2007.


Orlu zone has become the political bedrock of Imo State. The zone has elevated itself to the zenith of the political ladder. Leaders of the zone now see themselves as the proverbial kingmakers that must endorse anyone or zone that want to get the governorship of Imo State.

The zone has assumed a dangerous status and has become an inevitable deciding factor in Imo politcs.  These are some of the salient reasons why Governor Rochas Okorocha who is from Orlu zone had the audacity to insist that his son in law and another candidate from Orlu, Uche Nwosu should take over from him in 2019 after staying eight years in office.


Like a recurring decimal, it is in the habit of Owerri zone to run to leaders of Orlu zone to seek for their support, endorsment and understanding to stick to the Imo charter of Equity which had encouraged rotation of the office of the Governor of Imo State among the three geo political zones in the State.


In their political short sightedness, Owerri zone have failed to accept the fact that the Charter of Equity is no longer workable and from all indications it exists on paper because Orlu zone seem to be enjoying the lopsided political imbalance in Imo State. It has been observed that despite the begging bowl Owerri zone parade before their counterparts in Orlu, it is not surprising that Orlu zone has never supported the legitimate quest of Owerri zone to take power.

And it is pitiable that Owerri zone have failed to unravel why this is so as the zone keep on looking like onlookers rather than active  partakers in the political dynamics of Imo State. It has failed to understand that many times it had goofed in its self seeking adventure to produce the Sttate Governor.


Owerri zone has shown that its age long desperation, beggarly and uncoordinated approach in seeking for Imo governorship has made a caricature of its struggle. No one gives or consents to giving power on a platter of gold. And it will be difficult for Orlu zone to mutually agree to Owerri zone request because there is no guarantee that Orlu zone will easily re take power from Owerri zone considering the depth of desperation the latter has displayed in seeking for Imo Government House.

Owerri zone have no political leadership and this is one of the key reasons the zone cannot be taken serious whenever it agitates for Imo governorship. There is lack of leaders in Owerri zone. Owerri leaders who signed the Imo Charter of Equity failed to raise or groom successive leaders that will insist on its implementation thereafter. The manner governorship aspirants from Owerri zone individually scheme for support and endorsement from Orlu zone makes the Owerri zone agitation look like the ranting of a kindergarten, a weeping child seeking for consolation.

Since 2015 til date, more than 150 governorship aspirants from Owerri zone have surfaced on the political chessboard of the State running in different directions seeking to be Governor. The manner they individually scheme for support and endorsement from Orlu zone makes the Owerri zone agitation to look unserious.

The litany of governorship aspirants from the zone in 2018 also paints a picture of a desperate lot, confused and marooned set of politicians who lack direction and relying on individual political prowess to hood wink a more organised and sophisticated Orlu zone who seem to be wary of a hidden desire by Owerri zone to trap political power when they succeed.

From all indications, Owerri zone has not gotten the political arithmetic right as a major basis to succeed in its latest political adventure. Orlu zone is an indispensable component in Imo Politics and its hold on power for a long time underscores its resolve not to let it go by the mere wishful thinking of Owerri zone.

When it shot itself in the foot by shortchanging one of its own to vote for Rochas Okorocha in 2015 elections, did it not know they committed political harakiri which will hunt it later and in the future?

Owerri zone must change political tactics and get its house in order if it must be a serious contender for 2019 Imo governorship or remain hunted by the ghost of political servitude.


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