Barely three months she had joined the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Senator Oduah has rejoined the leading opposition party.

She had announced her exit from the PDP and entrance into APGA on June 8, 2018 describing it as a “homecoming” to a party whose ideals resonate her philosophy. She was reported to have said that her heart is with the party (APGA).

In a statement released by her media office on Friday, September 21, 2018, she stated that the PDP is now the proper vehicle that will enable her fulfill her mandate to her constituents.

The statement reads:

“Politics has always been about ideology and delivering service to the people for me, because I believe leadership is all about solving problems.

“Political platforms must afford members unfettered opportunity to participate in the electoral process and to solve the problems of their community, constituency and state.

“I joined APGA because I thought it had sound ideological leanings native to Igboland. But my ideological expectations were a mirage. I discovered that internal democracy, which will guarantee justice, fairness and equity, was also not in practice in the party.

“After due consultations and with respect to my religious beliefs, I announce that PDP remains the vehicle through which I will keep fulfilling my mandate to the people of Anambra North.”





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