United States of America based medical doctor, Prof. Alphonsus Ekwereike, gubernatorial candidate of Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party, ANRP, has vowed to renew Imo state in order to overhaul hardship, suffering he regretted Imo people have been subjected to by the current and past rulers.

He said good governance is key to peace and comfort living, being the only panacea for reforming Imo state and keeping people productive and out of insecurity.

Prof. Ekwereike, an Owerri indigene, while speaking to members and supporters of ANRP and LPN in Owerri during the sealing of Memorandum of Understanding for Coalition among the said parties, Saturday.

He said the Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, reached and signed by the two parties is a big plus to drive home their desire, vision of governing Imo state in 2019 and affecting lives positively.

The coalition parties noted that templates have been designed by professionals, technocrats and scientists to renew Imo state, emphasising that avenues for commerce(trading), industries, skills, education, entrepreneurship will be created and sustained for improved economy, as well as bring in foreign and local investors to invest on safe grounds in Imo state. He said he has the capacity to revolutionize the state to egalitarian society having captured the soul of international investors who indicated interest to invest massively in Imo.

Ekwereike who teaches in the US, having schools in Asaba, investing hugely in education to enhance human capital development, contributing to develop societies across the world, reiterated that he has the ability, resources and the charisma to govern Imo and leads it to the Promised Land, appealing for their support and mandate, promising never to fail them when given mandate.

He narrated that he has made inroads in research *Innovative Medicine through series of research conducted by him singularly in which many diseases were cured. These medicines which have Root in Igbo land, Africa had been adopted by the US and the entire world as best ever. Hence it is good and wise that professionals play the game of politics, not the zombies whose stuck in trade is greed and wickedness. I have the divine mandate to better Imo state and put smiles on faces of children of God*.

Dr Ibe, a statesman, Dr Oputa, Lawrence Uchechukwu Ibe, maintained that the two parties thought wisely to have come together, work solidly and painstakingly as to win the forthcoming guber poll and ameliorate hardship and economic crisis and insecurity bedeviling the state.

They pointed out that Oguta Lake and Orashi River will be dredged to ease traffic, encourage trading and agriculture and promote youth empowerment as electricity will be generated from the rivers , praying for divine victory and success.




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