The imperatives of a consensus Governorship candidate for  APC in Imo State cannot be swept under the carpet, considering the illegality,  crises and confusion that marred APC primary election for governorship aspirants and the alleged fraudulent manner Senator Hope Uzodimma and Ugwumba Uche Nwosu emerged in two different primaries, for peace to reign it is imperative for the party to disqualify the two and search for an ideal consensus candidate. In search of such consensus candidate outside Nwosu and Uzodimma, first it should be an aspirant Governor Okorocha will truly consider or tolerate. The governor”s factor and influence cannot be waved aside. Take it or leave it Okorocha is not a push over in game of power tussle, if doubt me go and ask Senator Ifeanyi Ararume and Senator Osita Izunaso.

Secondly: any consensus candidate for APC in Imo State should be one with rich profile and sellable qualities.

The truth is bitter but it must be told no matter whose ox is gored, there was no APC Governorship primary election in Imo State that produced Senator Uzodimma. Same is also applicable to the so called primary election that produced Ugwumba Uche Nwosu. It is on record that the first electoral committee chairman, Ahmed Gulak addressed the press around 830pm on the eve of the aborted or absconded Imo APC  primary election,  there and then he openly acknowledged there was no election because the officials and materials arrived late.

Surprisingly: the same Gulak who addressed the press, testified there was no election and promised free and fair primary election disappeared early in the morning the day the election was supposed to hold.

The illegality and fraudulent abortion of the process  manifested by Uzodimma was both obvious and porous, that alone disqualifies the so called winner and makes the process that produced him null and void.

The illegality Senator Uzodimma manifested in conspiracy with the Gulak, the Imo State APC Electoral  Committee Chairman cannot legally qualify him to be the rightful candidate of the party.

Aside the brazen illegality manifested by Uzodimma, which puts a question mark on him and the manner he wants to emerge through the back door, there is also a general believe that Distinguished Senator  Uzodimma belongs to a section of Nigerian politicians who are using political positions to cover various degrees of allegations hanging on their neck

In considering public perception about his personality, his choice may not sale through in general election.

Frankly speaking, Uzodimma may not be a sellable governorship material, his choice may destroy the chances of APC in the state.

On the other side of the coin, the choice of Uche Nwosu is the genesis of the political crises in Imo APC. He is seen as Okorocha”s third term agenda. He is also seen as not been psychologically, emotionally and mentally matured for the plumb job.

Again, there is no difference between what Uzodimma did and what Uche Nwosu did.

Frankly speaking there was no election that brought Ugwumba Uche Nwosu on board as winner of APC primary election for governorship aspirants.

It is an indisputable fact that the October 6th election was boycotted by Engr. Ololo and his supporters due to rain of violence as the materials did not arrive any of the 305 INEC wards in the state.

It is an undeniable fact that Ugwumba Uche Nwosu repeated the same illegality carried out by Uzodimma. Without mincing words the parallel governorship candidates are products of illegalities with a battered reputation.

Unfortunately: these aspirants are from the same senatorial zone, Imo West (ORLU ZONE). By May 29th 2019, Orlu Zone would have spent 16 years on the governorship seat of Imo state. There is need for them to give other zones a chance, the seat is not their exclusive right. Their domineering  nature is already jeopardizing unity peaceful co existence among the three senatorial zones in Imo State.

Based on observation from a general perspective, Uche Nwosu is also perceived to be among public office holders who are using political office to cover allegations of financial crime,  NYSC discharge certificate and allegation of missing bailout fund.

The two governorship candidates APC parade in Imo  State after their two fraudulent primaries are not quality and

sellable materials due to various allegations hanging on their neck which have badly affected their reputation and public perception.

On the other side, during the strong days of lmo APC Coalition Forces, there were reports that the likes of Jude Ejiogu and Prince Madumere lobbied to be Deputy Governor to Ararume whom they  projected as governor in their camp.

It is also on record that in one of the meetings held by all the Owerri Zone  APC governorship aspirants at Empire Hotel in Owerri, one of the political leaders told news men that an aspirant Mr Nlemoha, reechoed that Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere, Jude Ejiogu, and the immediate past secretary to Government of Imo State, Sir George Eche are among  the aspirants  incumbent Governor Okorocha has vowed not to support their aspiration no matter what happens.

At the same meeting Nlemoha also told ECHE, Madumere and Ejiogu to forget their ambition because they have enjoyed and benefited a lot from the onset of Governor Okorocha”s Rescue Mission Regime more than other APC governorship aspirant in the race.

As it stands now Imo people need a fresh hand and a seasoned technocrat. APC needs a candidate from Owerri Zone that will make Okorocha to slow down the fight as well as attract massive support from Owerri make Owerri Zone and Orlu. There is obvious need for a true acceptable and sellable governorship material who Okorocha will surely find a place in his heart to consider his choice. Aside Nwosu  who is that aspirant the governor may not sabotage, If he is not ready  to support him in any way? Some say High Chief Engr.  Chuks Ololo, because of  closeness to the Okorocha family, while others say Barr. Chima  Anozie because of his proximity to the influential and powerful Imo First Lady Nneoma Nkechi  Okorocha

Without sounding immodest, or sentimental, Engr. Ololo appears to be more favoured to as number one consensus candidate for many obvious reasons, He is seen as a primus inter pares in Imo governorship race, as a well experienced America trained Engineer, his experience at international level is seen by friends and admirers as an added advantage that has the capacity to link Imo State to international community.

He is also seen as a decent politician and a seasoned administrator with team spirit, the right temperament and can bring everybody on one page. In addition he has a decent record as a refined politician.

Ololo remains the only aspirant Okorocha will manage to accept or support If he is considered by National leadership of APC. Again the zoning of governorship position in Imo State favours him. IT IS CRYSTAL CLEAR THAT OKOROCHA  HAS NOT SUPPORTED OLOLO’S POLITICAL AMBITION RIGHT FROM THE TIME HE CONTESTED FOR HOUSE OF REPS AND DOES NOT HAVE HIS BLESSING NOW HE IS CONTESTING FOR GOVERNOR,

BUT IT IS ALSO CRYSTAL CLEAR THAT IF  GIVEN THE PARTY TICKET HE IS ALSO THE ONLY ASPIRANT OKOROCHA CAN TOLERATE AND  HIS SHEATH  HIS SWORD BECAUSE OKOROCHA CANNOT DESTROY HIS OWN. It is also an indisputable fact that Okorocha is not a weak governor or a push over in power game. If APC NWC did not apply caution what ocured  in Abia State during the era of Former Governor Orji Uzoh Kalu when he defected from PDP to PPA and delivered TA Orji, his anointed successor may play out in Imo if Okorocha”s factor and influence were not considered in the choice of any consensus candidate outside Uche Nwosu.

Ololo’s professional background is another factor working for him as an

engineer Ololo is seen by professionals in Imo State, particularly engineers as the best hand who can correct and control the effects of numerous sub standard projects and decayed infrastructures in Imo State.

Again there is also an added advantage from the angle of Ololo’s wife as an outstanding daughter of orlu zone, the largest zone in Imo State, she will surely get massive support from the twelve Local Government Areas in Orlu zone.

It is also pertinent to point out that how Engr. Ololo utilized the opportunity given to him as former position as Transition Committee chairman of Owerri North to ensure the full establishment and commencement of Naze Industrial cluster and Imo Alaba International Market in his Owerri North LGA has endeared him to many.

Of a truth, Ololo is that ideal consensus candidate APC needs in Imo State, his profile is intimidating and second to none, his sound leadership qualities are exemplary and v

clearly outstanding. The only concern critics have shown is his marital link to Okorocha family, nobody has questioned his integrity, no body has question his leadership qualities, above all political and majority of the electorate in Imo people believe that Okorocha does not want to support Ololo because he is seen as a genius and a primus inter pares in Imo gubernatoral race that cannot be “pocketed” by Okorocha the way he will ” pocket” Uche Nwosu who is seen as a glorified errand boy.

As it stands now Engr. Ololo needs divine intervention to overcome the tragedy of marital link,he also need special intervention of the high and mighty including God almighty for drop Uche Nwosu and consider has been described as an ideal consensus candidate by political analysts and media observers in the state.

Barr. Anozie would have been another good consensus candidate but his behavioural mannerism has painted a wrong picture of his personality in the minds of many Imolites. He is a jolly good fellow but needs to work extra mile to correct  public perception about his personality. particularly some allegations on land matters and the manner he was removed as General Manager of Owerri Capital Development Authority, OCDA needs more clarification.

Home base as he is fondly called by admirers may find it difficult to work above his critics and overturn public perception about him, but if he does, it will be a true show of capacity that will redefine his personality.

Emeka Opara
writes from Orji Owerri North.nbsp;



*The Views Expressed In This Article Are Strictly That of The Writer And Not The Opinion Of This Newspaper*</em


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