My Dear Good People of Imo State ,

With the birth of a brand new month , it is also with a heart full of gratitude to God, that I write to formally present my humble self to you at this auspicious time in the political history of our beloved state ; having successfully emerged the governorship candidate and standard flag bearer of the Mass Action Joint Alliance , MAJA Party in the last Friday’s governorship primary held at the Okigwe Road Secretariat of the party : with an overwhelming support of the national leadership of MAJA Party , the State Working Committee (SWC) and party delegates across the 27 local government councils in the state .

Today , history has provided ndi Imo a rare opportunity of being part of the driving force as agents of positive change in the reformation of the critical sectors of the state economy ; an onerous task and project which by the special grace of God, shall end the era of excruciating pains amongst the Imo populace .

Being driven by a strong desire and commitment to truly and pragmatically reform Imo State , I have had cause to traverse every nook and cranny of the state to consult with stakeholders ; the organised labour ; student Union bodies ; religious and political leaders ; captains of industries ; the academics ; including the physically challenged persons . I know and feel their heartbeats , their pulses and even their reservations about this present administration thus , the urgent need to reform a number of the key sectors that have been neglected by the Okorocha APC-led Rescue Mission Administration in the state .

I am not a greedy politician who place ‘ self interest ‘ above ‘state interest ‘ and social welfarism : A greedy politician who can mortgage the destinies of over three million Imo people for personal aggrandisement and vainglory !
Neither am I a desperate politician who can box the state in a corner , collapsing its economic activities while fighting many legal and political battles in order to be in power or stay put in power even as the masses are always on the receiving end of the resultant socio-economic and political disruptions and side -distractions . But as a technocrat and industrialist , I would rather devote my time and energy with a broadminded team of professionals in formulating policies that could reform and resuscitate the fast beleaguering state economy .

However , my ambition is borne out of my understanding about some of the obvious lapses in the present administration , my genuine conviction that I not only possess the mental capacity and strength of character to steer our dear state to the path of development ; but to also drive the process of its economic resuscitation , income base rejuvenation and reformation of the critical sectors of the state economy .

My political activities and social engagement with the public and press are based on issues that are germane to the realization of the shared expectations of majority of Imo people both at home and in the diaspora .
Unlike a good number of the governorship aspirants in the state who most often than not , engage in campaign of calumny , name calling and smearing propaganda , my campaign organization and media team have demonstrated some level of statesmanship and professionalism while propagating our message of reformation of the state economy through good governance embedded in transparency , probity and accountability . At the Imo Reformers ‘ Family , ours is always issue -based debate and discussion rather than throwing political spar at fellow contestants .

In our unanimous efforts to restore Imo State back on track , you are aware that this dream cannot be actualised without your supports | votes .

Therefore , it is on this singular premise , that I humbly appeal to your consciences to make well informed decisions in electing the most credible candidate ; a man with good antecedents of sterling performance both in the private and public sectors ; a man with traceable track record of service delivery ; a man of integrity ; a God fearing leader .

As a trained, and accomplished lawyer of international repute with a driven passion to reform the state economy and change its political narratives for the better, I urge ndi Imo to hold me accountable by the above pledge .

Iam also aware that the best way to protect the interest of our children , Imo people and ensure the economic prosperity of the state is to vote for that candidate who will surely and best represent this interest . And I , Chief (Barr) Aloysius Osuji represent the above !

Iam that man in Imo State without any traces of sharp practices both in Nigeria and United Kingdom where I have meritoriously served in different capacities .
Iam that Imo son worthy of introduction to all progressives-minded Imolites , even to those who crave to be part of the resonating political dictum of this reformation agenda .

I have built bridges across all divides ; my international partners and contacts in the United States , United Kingdom and other parts of Europe are the goodwill I shall deploy for the development of Imo State if given the opportunity to serve .

With the inclusion of ISEEDs-Imo State Economic Empowerment Development Strategies ; an economic template as encapsulated in my Reformation Administration’s Policy Thrust , I shall bring on board a team of seasoned financial experts , public policy analysts , economists and management consultants while engaging development partners to resuscitate some of the state -owned moribund industries .

As an Industrialist , I shall revive the Adapalm in Avu , Owerri West local government council , the Aluminum company in Ikeduru shall be boosted and new industries sited in the major hitherlands which shall also facilitate urban-rural migration as development hits our rural areas .

My Administration’s Policy Thrust is focused on achieving four major goals :

√ Wealth Creation

√ Empowerment generation

√ Poverty reduction

√ Value reorientation .

As a trained constitution lawyer and member of the Senior Courts of England and Wales , I shall obey the rule of law and constitutionalism to advance human rights and dignity . I shall reform the state judicial system by ensuring the independence of the judiciary .

Chief (Barr) Aloysius Osuji ,

LLB (Hons) , University of wolverhampton , United Kingdom .

2019 Governorship Candidate and Standard Flag bearer , Mass Action Joint Alliance , MAJA Party.

Happy Independence Anniversary , Ndi Imo




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