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Weeks before the PDP primary election began, Hon Ezenwa Onyewuchi’s victory had been predicted. Unlike some predictions which eventually do not see the light of the day, this particular one came to pass and the lawmaker is legitimately the candidate of PDP for 2019 Owerri Zone Senate election.

At the time this victory was foretold political pundits never raised eyebrow because it was based on hard, verifiable truth. It was not a work of propaganda and deceit. Hon Onyewuchi’s antecedents were laid bare, naked if you like, and in the end it was found intimidating and way higher than those of his opponents. From then on fair and open minded party members and leaders and indeed, Imolites watching from the fringe concluded that it was a matter of time before he will coast home to victoryIndeed, the member representing Owerri Federal Constituency prepared well for that contest. It seemed he had a long time ago realized that a day when he will seek higher task will come and therefore, worked so hard at delivering on the mandate Owerri Federal Constituency freely gave him in 2015. He had possibly reasoned that if he delivered for the three LGs he’s presently representing then, much of his campaign would have been done since his good works would speak for him at the bigger stage of Owerri Zone. And just as he may have planned everything worked out perfectly.

His performance spoke for him and a zone which is dire need of good senatorial representation easily settled for him. By that victory the noiseless lawmaker has again demonstrated faith in the strategic politicking style which places premium on planning. He believes that if you want to succeed you must plan properly, because failure to plan, is planning to fail.

No doubt it would have been the ninth wonder of the world if a man who had empowered over 4000 people had lost that primary because that would mean PDP does not value it’s assets. Between May 29,2015 and April this year it is on record that he has carried out at least four massive empowerments programs in Owerri Federal Constituency. The biggest of them all many can still recall took place at All Saints Anglican Church, Egbu, Owerri North on the 4th of November 2016. The lawmaker really took the stage by storm and virtually all notable leaders of PDP present at historic event in which over 1500 were empowered could not believe what they saw. Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, PDP governorship candidate summed it all up when he confessed that he never witnessed such grandiose empowerment in his twelve years in the Green Chamber. This was followed by another one in April 2017 to mark Mother’s Day. 400 women smiled home that day. A few weeks after that another set of 500 women were trained in various skills like industrial cooking, decorations, fashion designing, cake making and confectionery. The hands on deck intensive one month training carried out by a reputable firm Ephatah Nigeria Ltd, came to a glorious end with the full provision of start up kits for all trainees. Similarly, disturbed by the roaring unemployment scourge in Owerri Zone and Imo State generally, the lawmaker soon shifted his attention to helping Small and Medium Enterprises SMEs overcome operating challenges and become viable. Under the first phase of the scheme about 200 SMEs were given grants and power generating sets to improve productivity. Findings show that this SMEs support programme is a huge success as more than 50% of beneficiaries have witnessed turnaround in fortune.

His practical representative style is also very much felt in health sector. Apart from single handedly renovating and equipping the abandoned Ulakwo Health Centre and providing it with standby power, Hon Onyewuchi has packaged series of medical outreaches from which over 8000 have received treatment.Some recallable outreaches include that packaged in conjunction with Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs Office and National Agency for Control of AIDs, NACA where data indicated that 4000 benefited. Another remarkable program came in partnership with Mercy Hour Foundation, Abuja . Held simultaneously in the three LGs of Owerri Municipal, North and West it’s conclusion was also trailed by testimonies. Overall, more than 8000 indigenes and residents have received their health back from these outreaches.

Within the period he has also tremendously contributed to improved power supply to his constituency. He has distributed more than one hundred transformers and built over 10 sub stations in the area. As Chairman of House Committee on Labour Employment and Productivity emphasis has seriously placed on securing employment in Ministries, Departments and Agencies, MDAs of Federal Government. The focus on this agenda has yielded bumper harvest of 100 plus of Owerri Federal Constituency /Zone indigenes working in these MDAs.

These are a tip of the many feats this man achieved with less noise to place himself poles apart from his opponents in the last primary election.

Following conclusion of primary poll and approach of general election questions of the possibility of his winning the seat next year, have expectedly come up. However, coming side by side with this question are clear cut indications that the general election would most certainly go the way of the primary.

Prominent here is a recent statewide survey conducted by reputed firm which found that Hon Onyewuchi, Barr Onyirimba and Hon Jones Onyeriri are favourites to win Owerri, Okigwe and Orlu Senate Seats. While I can’t speak authoritatively about Orlu and Okigwe Zone’s it is apparent the declaration on Owerri is factual and credible . The odds highly favour this ranking lawmaker. He was able to warm his way into the heart of the zone through extension of democracy dividends to the other seven LGs of the Zone. As we know, these councils are not part of his constitutionally assigned jurisdiction but, someone being whose watchword is service to Imo and humanity, he lowered obvious constitutional and political boundaries, so that the good work can go round. It is therefore not surprising that in the other seven LGs of the zone his name is rapidly gaining currency and acceptability.Another quality that would possibly sell him to the people is his grassroots politicking. The PDP candidate holds firmly the belief that power belong to the electorate. In line with this mindset each time he wants power he goes straight to the people to campaign and woo them for vote . He had deployed this strategy in the last eight years and it has worked out so well. In 2011 the odds were stacked up against him but undaunted he stooped, worked feverishly hard and in end emerged victorious.

Last four years, he faced similar circumstances but repeated it and made history. He broke the jinx of one term representation that has been the historical reality of legislative representation in Owerri Federal Constituency. During electioneering, those against him and of course, they were many abandoned serious campaigns to market their preferred choices and instead, focused on attacking his person and making claims about who or which council should go to Abuja,

On his part, he put all his energy into selling himself. He was undeterred, unfazed and absolutely unmoved by their diatribes and calumnious swipes but, completely immersed himself in showing his constituents his first term report card and telling them his plans on his return. He campaigned in almost every village in the constituency and in the end it worked. The people shunned propaganda and voted the truth. That was how he became the first person in history to secure second term in Owerri.

Having tested and found this strategy effective I am sure he will use it again. So, soon he will hit the road and traverse the nooks and crannies of Owerri Zone. By the time his campaign train visits all corners of the zone to show them his impressive scorecard as well as his plans for people over the next four years, the stage will have been set for victory.

In the end, it is apparent that with a good scorecard and 24/7 marketing of his blueprint for Owerri Zone, the lawmaker would have laid highest claim to the seat. When this is yoked together with the divine expression already visible in this project winning no doubt become as easy as ABC






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