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I came across this article published in today’s Oracle News titled ‘ APGA’S DISGRACEFUL RACE TO EXTINCTION’ by Casmir Igbokwe. This article was also published by the Sun newspaper.

*Here are excerpts from the publication…‘Unfortunately, APGA has greatly derailed. And greed is part of the problem. According to a former governor of Imo State, Ikedi Ohakim, the travesty in APGA shows that what the party leadership was doing all along “was a ponzi scheme, a scam of the highest order, to defraud fellow Igbo men and women of their hard earned money…APGA which had less than N5 million in its account before primaries, now hires private jet for the use of the National Chairman.”*

*Ohakim accused the leadership of APGA of demanding and collecting various sums of money from members, delegates and aspirants, which ran into billions of naira.* This is in addition to the abhorrent “abuse of many female aspirants in our own hotels and yet denied the tickets.”

*The writer goes on to note that…
’So far, the best Oye (APGA national chairman) has done to pacify his aggrieved members is to offer a tepid apology. But a mere apology will not suffice. The anger is deep…’*

The writer goes further to state that those who were victims of extortion and those who were fleeced during the APGA primary elections should be refunded.

2018 will surely go down in APGA’s history as the ’year of the Locusts’.

*I maintain that the National Leader Of APGA deserves commendation for setting up a National Reconciliation Committee tasked with enquiring into the complaints of the aggrieved, gathering information and collating evidence from victims of the sham primaries. The committee is expected to provide a comprehensive report of its findings based on factual information and evidence presented before it.*

*Together with all well meaning members of this Party, I call upon the Chairman and members of this Committee to make public, as soon as possible, the report of their investigation into the atrocities and gross violations that took place in the course of the Sham primaries, as well as their recommendations. Time is fast running out for the party and our Members are defecting to other parties in droves.*

*The aggrieved demand nothing other than Justice, and those responsible for these violations should face the consequences and make the requisite reparations.*

On a lighter note, a bad tenant who is desperately seeking an extension of his Tenancy is threatening to suspend his Landlord. Onye mmili na eli…
Wonders shall never cease….Only in Nigeria!

*©Iyom Bianca Odumegwu Ojukwu*
*Mother General*
*Member, APGA Board of Trustees*





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