The Imo Awareness Coalition, IAC, a political watchdog group based in Owerri, Imo State has said there is need for Imo people to place emphasis on electing a Governor in 2019, who has the capacity to steer the ship of governance in the State that will take the State away from further economic ruin.

In a report released at the weekend and signed by its President, Emmanuel Okwu, the Coalition said the process of electing a capable State Governor in 2019 starts with the need for Imolites to keep an eagle eye on the candidates and assess each of them carefully “to ascertain who amongst them have the best workable blueprint that would lead to social and economic armament of the people that will place Imo State on the path of rapid sustainable development anchored on a clear roadmap that would lead to the prosperity of the populace”

Part of the reads “Having undergone social, political and economic tribulations in recent times, it has become important that we elect a Governor connected to the modern norms of governance, a Governor who has deep knowledge of the problems bedeviling the State with a workable blueprint that will re stimulate the economy which invariably will lead to the happiness of an already despondent populace ravaged by the pains of poor governance in recent times

“Education, infrastructure, Health, Social welfare, Science and technology are key areas that require robust attention from the next administration in Imo State

The ICA said the Imo electorate must also begin the process of electing a capable governor by “rejecting wads of naira for votes, political drama and gymnastics of politicians during electioneering,  and rather focus attention on the plans of the 63 governorship candidates in Imo State aspiring to be the next Governor of the State in 2019

” Imolites must develop a new mindset. We must resist sweet coated languages of the candidates and rather demand from them a workable roadmap, a social contract and assess the workability of their plans before the 2019 governorship election”

The IAC said issue based Campaigns are central to the type of governance we will have in 2019, calling on the media to lead the campaign in the search to elect the best in 2019.




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