With decision of the National Working Committee, NWC to submit the name of Senator Hope Uzodinma as the governorship candidate of the All Progressive Congress, APC in Imo State to INEC, concern has been raised how the party will achieve the needed cohesion and unity to secure victory in the governorship election in 2019.

Governor Rochas Okorocha had consistently opposed the choice of Senator Hope Uzodinma preferring his son in law, Uche Nwosu for the party’s guber ticket. But since wishes are no bed of roses, the National Working Committee, NWC of the party led by Comrade Adams Oshiomole thought otherwise and selected Senator Uzodinma.

Oshiomole anchored his choice of Uzodinma on the grounds that he will not help Okorocha build a political dynasty for himself in Imo State.Governor Okorocha has fired back saying Oshiomole’s disposition towards him is propelled by deceit. Uche Nwosu in his reaction was reported to have said not even the National Chairman will take away his mandate from him.

Nwosu said “It took our national Chairman about two years or more to retrieve his mandate, when he was robbed in 2007, we shall take the right courses to ensure that our mandate is retrieved.”

This gives a picture of what has befallen the APC in Imo State- a brute, ceaseless and fierce battle for the governorship ticket. And the crisis will deteriorate if the ongoing verbal war between Okorocha and Oshiomole continues. From Uche Nwosu’s standpoint, the long drawn battle has no end in sight and perhaps may be settled by the law courts no matter how long it will take even if Senator Hope Uzodinma is eventually elected the next governor of Imo State.

This lend credence to postulations that an Amaechi/Omehia political drama which played out in Rivers State in 2006 is on the verge of repeating in Imo APC. Many would recall how Celestine Omehia was sacked by the Supreme Court as Rivers State Governor and ordered that Rotimi Amaechi take his position. The nation’s apex court anchored its ruling on the grounds that Rotimi Amaechi and not Omehia won the PDP governorship primary.

While this could be a futuristic prediction of an optimistic loser on how the ongoing battle may end legally, the disharmony in the APC in Imo State has not only increased but has further balkanized the party and could derail its objective of retaining power in Imo in 2019 no matter the candidate it put forward for the election. This is the crux of the matter and not well coated political semantics employed by the winner and loser involved in this needless political rumble and tumble in the party.

It would be recalled that the APC in the State had been plagued by ceaseless battles since it held its botched congresses in May 2018. It further broke into bits prior to the primaries where two factions strongly exist and strongly jostle for relevance.The Governor’s camp called “Agburu” and the Coalition group are like the lion and the tiger fighting to be king of the jungle.

Both camps have fought so bitterly in a bid to outpace the other in the scramble for the soul of the party. The quest for governorship ticket further increased the intensity of the crisis. The Coalition at the moment seem to have the last laugh. But danger signs are ahead viz-a- viz the future of the party in Imo State.With Okorocha’s clear rejection of Uzodinma’s candidacy and the decision of the NWC not to allow the Governor foist Uche Nwosu as the governorship candidate, there is indeed a looming full blown war that will increase in shape and size before the 2019 election in the party.

The scenario in Imo APC judging from the resolution of NWC on the choice of a governorship candidate is like forcing two couples who had resolved to divorce to stay together. Its a case of the mouse and cat compelled to be friends. This has raised fears if the APC in Imo State can go into the 2019 governorship election  a united family to wade off the rampaging and power thirsty Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA from taking over power.

The Coalition where Senator Uzodinma draws his strength has no hold of the entire APC structure in Imo State where Okorocha seems to wield enormous influence. Or will the NWC now give preference to the executives that were elected in the first congresses that saw members of the Coalition take hold of the party structure in the State?. This is the only route to deliver Uzodinma and co, but certainly not for House of Assembly, House of Representatives and senatorial candidates who belong to the Okorocha camp. Where is the meeting point?

For Oshimole and the National Working Committee, NWC, a big task lies ahead in salvaging the party before it is consumed by self inflicted internal strife. A rallying point, a new ground for mutual co existence has become imminent in the party if it must survive the blowing Hurricane coming in its direction.

If the present altercations degenerates further, the APC in Imo State will open up its flanks for the opposition to decimate. A divided house opening its doors wide open for its enemies will crumble and this will invariably lead to its  defeat in the elections in Imo State.

*Ukanwa, Writes from Owerri*

“For Oshimole and the National Working Committee, NWC, a big task lies ahead in salvaging the party before it is consumed by self inflicted internal strife. A rallying point has become imminent in the party if it must survive the blowing Hurricane coming in its direction.


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