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 Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, APGA governorship candidate in Imo State has a date with destiny on May 29, 2019 when God willing, he will be sworn in as the next Governor of Imo State. 

Thrice, Araraume has been on the political terrain propelled by a burning passion to liberate the people of Imo State.

 He has also demonstrated an inelastic ability to continue his governorship ambition as he is propelled by a desire to salvage Imo State from economic strangulation witnessed during the horrendous reign of Governor Rochas Okorocha.

Like President Muhamamdu Buhari who ran for the Presidency thrice before succeeding in his fourth attempt, Araraume is on the verge of equaling such feat. 2019 is Araraume’s finest hour and year of destiny. Of all the governorship candidates striving to be Imo State Governor, it is only Araraume that has the winning streak and magic wand to succeed.  He is the only one with the spark and razzmatazz to win the governorship election in 2019.

This is Araraume’s fourth attempt at Imo governorship and like Buhari, his destiny is about to be fulfilled because he has shown doggedness and genuine commitment to actualize a people driven ambition.

Araraume’s consistent involvement in the governorship race of Imo State is an attestation of his desire to make the State better.

 He is a firm believer in the fact that Imo State has no business to be classified a poor State considering the enormous potentials of the State. As an entrepreneur with vast experience in the public and private sector,  Araraume is the only governorship candidate with a workable roadmap that will take Imo State away from the valley of despair to the mountain of prosperity.

It is not an over statement to state that Imo State is indebted to this lion of Isiebu who has done so much for humanity and a lot for the betterment of the Imo populace. 
  Those who accuse him of manipulating the APGA governorship primary seem to have forgotten in a hurry that Araraume has an inelastic ability to wage relentless political battles and politics is a contest for those who know their onion.

In the past, APGA was seen as a rag tag political party. Its rating further worsened after Governor Rochas Okorocha left the party to crumble and described it as a cultural organization. That singular act from Okorocha made APGA lose its political compass. Araraume’s entrance into the party was the required tonic to re- energize the party and this he has proved by giving the party the much needed political firepower to win the 2019 governorship elections.

Araraume is APGA’s best bet for the 2019. In a State, the governorship contest will be so fierce, only Araraume with political grit and capacity can diminish other political parties and their candidates.

Those peddling falsehood on the authenticity of his candidature are agents of mischief whose resort to  falsehood is a clear indication that they are  afraid of his towering political profile.

Araraume cannot be deterred by the rantings of this few who fail to understand that he has given APGA a new face and re-positioned the party to win the coming governorship election.

 APGA now has hope in Araraume. For the first time, the party is a major contender for the Imo governorship race and this was made possible only by an Araraume who has come to restore the true identity of the party. At a period, Imo State is at cross roads haunted by bad governance orchestrated by a rudderless government, only Araraume and APGA can put Imo State back on track. Only a man destined to lead can achieve this unique feat. This is Araraume’s finest hour, this is Imo State best!




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