The Catholic Diocese of Enugu has opened up on recent political endorsements by the spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, South East Nigeria, Rev Ejike Mbaka.

Reports quoted the Director of Communications, Catholic Diocese of Enugu, Rev Fr. Benjamin Achi saying that the Church is apolitical and does not take any political position at any time.

“The church is apolitical.

“The church doesn’t take any political position at any time and the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), a couple of weeks ago, issued an official statement to that effect; that the pulpit should not be used for any political campaign or the priest coming out to endorse any candidate as against the other. So, there has been official statement to that effect by CBCN.

‘So, anything on the contrary is against what the church is teaching.

“He doesn’t represent the official position of the church because the church’s position has always been clear and that is what the position of the church has always been, and it hasn’t changed yet. Church officials don’t come out and make political statements or say things that might suggest that one political candidate is endorsed as against the other, no. It is against the church’s mode of operation.

“It is against the church’s principles,” he said.




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