There are numerous gains for the South East to support President Muhammadu Buhari’s re election in 2019.

The zone had continuously sang the song of marginalization but the region is now one step close to end such appellation if it vote enmasse for the President in 2019.

The South East zone had witnessed a major leap in infrastructural development since Buhari came to power in 2015. Some major Federal roads have been renovated and new ones nearing completion. The Second Niger Bridge had remained a mirage in the past.The PDP led Goodluck Jonathan administration only initiated the project but certainly lacked the political will to complete it.

PMB has demonstrated strong passion to complete the project.The Second Niger Bridge does not only cut across the South East, it meanders through 11 States in Southern Nigeria.The Bridge is a major landmark project for the South East and the South South regions which will certainly make life easier for the people of the regions.

The Second Niger Bridge is  a reality, 48 years after the Civil War ended and it was only PMB that made it possible.

The Eastern Rail lines which will soon take off is another clear indication of the President’s commitment to ensure that the South East is not left out from the wave of massive infrastructural development ongoing across the country.

For 16 years the PDP held sway at the centre producing three Presidents, it gave lip service to key projects in the region. Many Federal Roads were abandoned, became death traps and were impassable.

Carnage became a daily occurrence on major roads in the South East. Under PMB  administration, there is an ongoing rehabilitation of Enugu- Port Harcourt Expressway section and Lokpanta- Umuahia tower in Abia State.

Not left out is the construction of a brand new Nnenwe-Uduma-Uburu road section in Ebonyi State.

These and many more are testimony of PMB’s genuine commitment to improve infrastructure in the South East.


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