The governorship candidate of the Action Alliance in Imo State, Ugwumba Uche Nwosu has advised some governorship candidates in the State who have got fond of quoting outrageous figures as Imo’s debt profile to focus more on telling Imo people their plans for them, if they are elected rather than giving an alibi for looting the State’s treasury dry, by reeling out unsubstantiated figures as Imo’s debt profile.

This is contained in a statement by FCC Onwusoanya Jones, Director of Media and Publicity for Uche Nwosu campaign organization.

The governorship candidate explained that his vision to govern Imo is to solve problems, improve life for the people and ensure prosperity for all, and not to give excuses. 

According to him; “It is obvious that some of my brothers who are aspiring to become governor of the State are only out to siphon our funds. They have already started providing alibi for their intended looting spree as they quote one figure after the other as Imo’s debt profile. You will agree with me that this is like a medical doctor complaining that you are already dead, while asking you to come to his clinic for treatment. Such a medical doctor would only be interested in extorting the most money he can from you, and will not make any efforts to keepyou alive, because in his mind he had already concluded that you are dead. Whenyou die, he would tell your relatives; “I tried my best, but as I toldyou, the case was already very bad before you brought him here.”

The chattered administrator and real estate development expert turned politician warned Imolites to be wary of harbingers of doom, as the only thing they will bring to the table if we make the mistake of electing them is doom.

 “A naysayer is the wrongest person to be made a leader, because he would only give excuses for failing rather than solutions for possible failures. It is important for anyone who wants to govern a State to take his time to study that State. You need to know the strengths of the State and its weaknesses. Anyone who tells you that Imo State has not recorded enviable feats in infrastructural, human capital,educational and fiscal developments is being economical with the truth and we must be careful of taking such individuals seriously. I know Imo State, in and out, I know where Imo has made progress and I know where Imo needs to improve on. This is why I am the best man for the job. We must elect someone who is prepared to govern, not someone who is planning to give excuses for failing.”

The AA governorship hopeful also assured Imolites that with him as their governor in 2019, things can only get better, as he has designed a work-plan that guarantees the continuity  of all the good works of the present administration,consolidation of all the gainful policies and programs and correction in areas where mistakes might have been made in the past.



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