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Sir Chukwudi Godson Opara ( Udochimara 1 Of Emii) is the State Co Ordinator, Araraume Solidarity Movement, ASM, a support group committed to the emergence of APGA Governorship candidate, Senator Ifeanyi Araraume as next Governor of Imo State.He spoke to on the aims and objectives of ASM and Araraume’s chances of winning the  2019 governorship election.

*Chief Chukwudi Godson Opara(Udocimara Emii)
Imo State Co-Ordinator, ASM*

 May We know You Sir

My name is Chief Opara (Udochimara Emii). I m the State cordinator, Araraume Solidarity Movement, ASM

* Can You Tell Us About ASM*

ASM is a support and volunteer group committed to the emergence of Senator Ifeanyi Godwin Araraume as the next governor of Imo State in 2019

I and other like minds who believe in the governorship aspiration  of  Senator Araraume to liberate Imo State have come together to form the ASM to ensure the Senator succeeds this time around. Remember this is his fourth attempt to be Imo State Governor. He is the best among those aspiring to govern our State particularly at this time our dear Imo State has been strangulated by the irresponsible and rudderless leadership of Rochas Okorocha.

ASM has already taken proactive steps for Araraume and all APGA candidates to come out victorious in the forthcoming elections.We have constituted and inaugurated an  “Election Army” that would protect the votes of the Senator and other APGA candidates taking part in the elections.

We have heard about those who said they will rig the results of the election by snatching ballot boxes but we want to assure them that they cannot steal any single vote cast for Araraume and APGA. That era is over and is gone for good.

The Election Army set up by ASM is made up of thousands of able bodied men and women who say no to rigging of elections.People who want the best for Imo State from May 29 this year. They are very willing to carry out this task. We have begun to sensitive them on how to monitor and be vigilant at the booths at the 306 wards across the State without being violent. It’s something very unique because we applied the best practices in educating them on how to protect votes for Araraume and for APGA. And I can assure you that we have made reasonable progress. Our slogan is “ASM, Vote Protection, Vote Protection, Araraume 2019″

The era of election rigging, snatching of ballot boxes and other unpalatable practices perpetuated by desperate politicians during elections in Imo State is over. We will not allow anyone steal our votes this time. That is what ASM is all about.

*Why Do You Think Senator Araraume Is The Best To Lead Imo State In 2019*

Imo State must be recovered from the locust that has impoverished the good people of the State in the last seven years plus. We have witnessed the worst form of governance under Rochas Okorocha. An Araraume/Nwoga ticket has what it takes to recover and reposition our State.

Araraume is a man of many parts. He is competent and understands what good governance is all about. He was Senator for Okigwe zone for eight years and Okigwe people will agree me that he performed well. He is also a Commissioner in the Nigeria Communications Commission, NCC. This is a testimony of his competence and capacity to hold public office.

He is one of the biggest employer of labour in this country, an outstanding entrepreneur. After Aliko Dangote, I do not think there is any other entrepreneur in this country that has employed thousands of people like Araraume did. He runs one of the most successful business outlets in this country and such a man is what we need to reposition our State and restore the economy for the good of the people.

Araraume will create wealth for our people; there will be a positive turn around in the lives of Imo people that would put smiles on their faces. His administration will ensure workers salaries and pension will be a right and not a privilege. There will be quality infrastructure to stimulate economic growth; our local governments which have been in limbo under Okorocha will function again. Businesses will thrive, he will encourage industrialization which is the panacea to create jobs for our youths, and there will be both local and foreign investment to boost our local economy. He has a lot on his mind that will do our State so much good.He has the best economic blueprint that will make Imo State regain its lost glory. 

He is humane, a good family man with the fear of God in him. You can attest to this considering the fact he single handedly built a big Church for his people in his community, Isiebu. Araraume is a man of impeccable character and I believe that he posses what it takes make Imo State great again.

*How Do You React To Claims That He Came To APGA And Destabilized The Party Considering The Manner He Won The Guber Primary*

Araraume did not destabilize APGA. He rather made APGA strong and solid ahead of the elections. APGA was floating before he came into the party. The only reason many aspirants rushed into the party was just to use the party as a platform to get into office. But Araraume came in to strengthen it and make it strong enough to win elections in Imo State.

The governorship primary you talked about was a transparent one and approved by all relevant organs of the party including INEC. It is common for losers to shout foul when they lose. What happened in APGA was not an exception. There was a winner of a transparent primary and losers in the process began to make funny allegations because they lost out. If they had won, they would have described the process as the most credible. Senator Araraume showed capacity when he came to APGA and defeated other aspirants to win the governorship ticket of the party. Others were there before him but he came in and was on level ground with them and won the primary. Politics is about ability to outpace the other. And as a consummate politician he is, he succeeded.

It is very unfair for anyone to say that he came into APGA to destroy the party. If he destroys APGA, how then will he win the governorship election? All these allegations against him are fallacy. They are fabricated lies. Those who lost the primary made a wise move and decided to leave the party. If the kitchen is too hot for you, you leave rather than staying back to cause confusion.  Those political parties they went to, did they not hijack the party structure there and displaced those already there. Did they jump into a political party where they have ghosts as members?  They went there and emerged as candidates overnight? So why all the noise that Araraume came into APGA and destabilize the party. It is not true.

APGA in Imo State with Araraume is intact. There is no crisis in APGA. We have a formidable APGA energized by Araraume. With Araraume we are battle ready to win the elections.We are winning not just the governorship election but all elective positions in Imo State. And as State Co Coordinator of Araraume Support Movement, ASM, no vote for Araraume or APGA will be stolen. Gone are those days. ASM will ensure that none of that happen again.  Our victory or mandate will not be stolen again.That era is over.

*How Does ASM intend to achieve the purpose of protecting the votes of Senator Araraume and APGA Candidates*

ASM is a movement never seen before in the history of Imo State. Our strategies are not for public consumption but I can assure you that not one vote for our governorship candidate or APGA will disappear on Election Day.

*You Sound Confident, Don’t You Think Other Governorship Candidates Will Not Have a similar “Election Army” and This May Lead To Choas And Confusion On Polls Day*

There will be no chaos. We are only protecting our votes- votes for Araraume and APGA. If other governorship candidates are coming up with such, it is also a good development. That means no one will engage in rigging and other funny practices on the day of the election.  That means the votes will count. The election will be credible, free and fair. That has been our prayer.

*Why Are You So Confident Araraume and APGA would win the Imo Guber Election considering the fierce opposition from other political Parties*

If you have followed the political terrain in Imo State since 2003, you will observe that APGA is the only political party that is entrenched in the hearts of Imo people. The APC has no taproot in Imo State. And Okorocha worsened the plight of the party in the State through his anti people policies. Action Alliance, AA is not known in the State. It is an emergency party hurriedly shaped to deliver Okorocha’s Third Term Agenda which is to make Uche Nwosu Governor.

The PDP has lost momentum and steam in Imo State. What they have is big political names that have no electoral value. None of them can win elections in their booths. They rely so much on rigging but it is not going to work this time. The PDP have never won the governorship election in the State since 2003. Ohakim never became Governor on the platform of PDP. He won with PPA. Martin Agbaso won the 2007 guber election on the platform of APGA before Maurice Iwu who was then INEC Chairman cancelled the election and ordered another one which they manipulated to favour Ohakim.

Rochas Okorocha had failed in his several political adventures in the past before he joined APGA and was elected Governor in 2011 on the platform of the party. You can see it is only APGA that has convincingly won governorship elections in Imo State. And we are going to win it again on March 2nd and by God’s grace, Senator Ifeanyi Araraume will be sworn in as the next governor of the State on May 29, 2019.That his destiny and it will surely come to pass.

*Thank You Very Much For Your Time*

You are welcome.

“Imo State must be recovered from the locust that has impoverished the good people of the State in the last seven years plus. We have witnessed the worst form of governance under Rochas Okorocha. An Araraume/Nwoga ticket has what it takes to recover and reposition our State” – Opara


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