I bring you goodwill and greetings most Distinguished Senator. Indeed it is a new year and I use this medium to once more say a happy new year to you while wishing you good health, best of luck in your aspirations and more giant strides as you continue to represent the good people of Imo East Senatorial District, otherwise called Owerri Zone.

As one of your avid supporters, I felt the urge to write you this open memo following recent events surrounding you which I adjudge unpalatable and inimical to the massive goodwill you have worked hard to build and merit over the years.

About two months ago, a group of persons came together and formed a political group they tagged Imo n-PDP (New Imo PDP). This group today is not only headed by the Secretary of your Divine Mandate Movement political structure, Mr. Fabian Ihekweme, it is to say the least peopled by other faces familiar with the said political structure. This group had stated unequivocally that they were dissatisfied with the outcome of the October 1 governorship primary election of the People’s Democratic Party in Imo State that produced Rt Hon. Emeka Ihedioha as its governorship flag bearer and hinged the birth of n-PDP on same. The nucleus of their agitation was and still remains that the primary election be revisited by the party, with a belief that the process was flawed and as a result robbed you of victory.

However, in a swift response, you issued a press statement signed by your official media aide, Kelechi Eke, wherein you rightly distanced yourself from the activities of the group when your image loomed large around it. Sir, even before the issuance of the press release, I had called you to confirm your involvement or not with the factional group. You told me in confidence that you were not part of them and reasserted your commitment to remaining with the mainstream of PDP in the state and working for its interest, even as you prosecute your case at the Federal High Court.

Yet, following the formation of the Imo PDP campaign council in which your name featured prominently, I was disheartened to read a press statement signed by no less a person than the Mr. Fabian Ihekweme on behalf of your Divine Mandate Movement structure, questioning your inclusion in the campaign council, premised on the reason that you were not duly consulted. To be honest with you Sir, I did not expect to read such release from Mr. Ihekweme who is also Championing the cause of the n-PDP, a group you have distanced yourself from, on behalf of your Divine Mandate Movement. My astonishment at the press release stems from the fact that it is you, as a top member of Imo PDP who was included in the campaign council and not your political structure. The last time I checked, your official media aide, Eke, has not resigned his duties and one wonders why Ihekweme who is spearheading same dissident group you have distanced yourself from and whose activities conflict with the PDP whose membership you have strongly avowed, is the one signing a press statement about you. It is on record that n-PDP threatened to move away away from the party and into another if they are not listened to. Distinguished Senator, this is against your stand, as you have repeatedly stated that you will remain in PDP. It creates a state of confusion for your supporters like me as to which side of the coin you belong. More so, on a personal basis, I have been vocal in defending you over the n-PDP issue. It wouldn’t be wrong to go as far as recommending that Ihekweme should stop speaking for your campaign structure, since he has a different political leaning from yours. Importantly Sir, I believe you will consider more the State Chairman of the party, Chief Charles Ezekwem in your decision (if true) to distance yourself from the campaign council set up by the Chairman who is your bosom friend and political ally.

Dear Senator Anyanwu, it is your image, reputation and integrity that is at stake here.

On your inclusion in the Imo PDP campaign council, I like to say it that eyebrows would have been raised if you were not included. The reason is that you are the highest ranking political office holder in Imo PDP. Even though I shall not dabble into whether you were duly consulted or not and/or whether or not you should be consulted. I believe that you are still a member of PDP and the campaign council formed is that of Imo PDP and not Ihedioha. The only difference is that much of the activities of the council will be concentrated on delivering the state for PDP with Ihedioha still the flag bearer. Sir, this is not against your interest still, as much as you remain a member of the party. The campaign council will be working in the interest of party. If for any reason the matter at the court is resolved in your favour and likely before the governorship election, you will inherit the work done by the Council and this will ensure that you don’t have to start afresh as the gubernatorial candidate of the party. It is only a PDP victory that will make you governor of Imo State as things stand.

Sir, people make new year resolutions. You would do your political career good by dissociating yourself from individuals whose activities are ridiculing your honorable self, reputation built over the years and the massive good will you enjoy across board, this new year. I would encourage you to call yourself in and analyse the posture of some individuals you have around you. It would dawn on you that some of them have done more harm than good to your image and aspirations.

Most Distinguished, it takes one who loves you to tell you the truth. Some persons would prefer to tell you what you want to hear, but I have taken the path of telling you what you need to hear and know. The Imo PDP campaign council will be inaugurated tomorrow and I hope to see you there at the Party’s state secretariat. Whether you choose to be active or not during the heat of the campaigns is left for you, but your appearance tomorrow will do your alluring brand good.

Distinguished Senator, I had wanted to convey my message via telephone or drop it on your WhatsApp account, but for record purposes and posterity sake, I chose to make it open. I hope you do take this message in good faith and as one coming from one of your loyal supporters. I wish you victory at the court.

My warmest regards and best wishes!

My name is Obiaku Lancelot



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