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Details of the summit by Imo Elders Council have emerged. At the summit, the Council pushed for the adoption of a credible governorship candidate.
The strengths of six governorship candidates was assessed. They also presented their manifestos.

However, indications emerged after the summit that the Imo Elders may have settled for Okey Ezeh, the Governorship Candidate of the Social Democratic Party, SDP. A source within the Council who spoke to us on condition of anonymity revealed that if due process be followed in the selection of the Candidate to be endorsed by the Council Okey Ezeh will certainly carry the day.

“He understands what has gone wrong with Imo and what needs to be done about it. And he also comes from a professional background which has imbued in him a great measure of rigor, dedication and adherence to global best practices in governance. I think he has all we are searching for in a governor,” he insisted.

Meanwhile, in his address to the Elders Council earlier, Okey Ezeh stated that the problem with Imo State is not who can best allocate resources but who can best create resources.

“Instead of harvesting opportunities for the young people in Imo we are regressing. The secret of empowering Imo people is not through Federal allocations but through knowledge, through value creation, through agriculture. Okey Ezeh is the man with the competence, credibility, passion and clear sightedness to change the circumstance in Imo State forever,” Ezeh maintained.

He further assured that he will diversify the income base of the State by making it less dependent on oil allocations from the Federal Government. The renowned investment banker also vowed to make Imo an oasis of prosperity and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of Imo people in every sector of the economy.




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