The appointment of tested and trusted technocrats from various fields of human endevour by Imo State Governor- Elect, Rt Hon. Emeka Iheadioha as members of Transition Technical Committee, TTC, is a clear demonstration of his commitment to take Imo State to greater heights in line with his Rebuild Imo Agenda. The TTC is chaired by Mr Ernest Ebi who does not need introduction. Time and space may not allow us to outline members of other sub committees as our focus now is limited to Sub- Committee Chairman on Projects , an outstanding son of Owerri Zone and one of Nigeria’s best brains from South East, Chief Chris Asoluka (PHD)

Frankly speaking, the Sub- Committee Chairman on Projects is competence defined and all you want in leadership, management and intellectual dexterity. He has a herculean task, first they will pass through a rigorous and vigorous process of identifying all the state government projects. It is an indisputable fact that Rescue Mission of Owelle Okorocha executed numerous projects, but the sub-standard nature of majority of these projects were the concern of Imo people. The committee is expected to develop a workable blue print as well as advise government on how to carry on with infrastructures ground and they are expected by Imo people to come up with improvement strategy and sustainable solutions to the seemingly intractable challenges against project execution in Imo State. The people’s utmost expectation is the way forward for real transformational projects that will place Imo on the path of true and rapid monumental development.

The unconventional and illiterate manner the out-going governor executed most projects without following due process, how he wasted a lot of resources on block works all in the name of infrastructural development and how most contracts were awarded without due process is the major cause of his construction and destruction style of project execution, an action which exposes him as governor who acts before thinking and operates with disregard to Bill of Quantities and Bill of Engineering Measurement and Evaluation.

In line with rebuild Imo agenda, the sub-committee on projects is expected to come with the best remedy for all the substandard projects, such remedy will serve as a corrective measure on the menace of numerous substandard projects of the Rescue Mission and rekindle hope for Imo people to experience the kind of quality and meaningful infrastructures they envisaged when they went all out to condemn and label Okorocha’s projects as ‘china projects’ due to its substandard nature. Their committee should do their best to place Imo State on the path of positive adjustment that will strategically herald a new era of dynamic advancement.

There is no doubt that Governor Okorocha’s approach to project execution has turned the state into a reproach. Every sane man knows that the degree of damage done in project execution in Imo State by Okorocha’s Rescue Mission is second to none. Most of his projects have turned into death traps; his style of cutting corners and his sham method of construction and destruction has brought shame to eastern heartland and made the state a laughing stock. The use of Direct Labour without sound and qualified engineers supervising them and use of his siblings, cronies and some contractors without identifiable address has also done more damage than good.

Imo people will expect the project Committee to look into the abandoned 27 General Hospitals and come up with a solution on the way forward, we expect them to look into numerous abandoned road projects Governor Okorocha awarded to his Rescue Mission appointees, which some of them allegedly embezzled the money. We expect them to look into the construction of ICT centers and chapels in the 27 LGA headquarters.

They are expected to look into areas the out-going governor abused the Owerri Master Plan with his China projects and proffer meaningful solutions for the betterment of Imo State.

Above all Ndi Imo will expect them to come up with sound implementable and achievable projects that will surely help Rt. Hon. Ihedioha to hit the ground running with his rebuild Imo Agenda so as to return the state on track for rapid socio-economic development within the shortest possible time.

However, it is pertinent to state that the committee is not expected to shy away from the truth in areas Okorocha’s regime has done well or deny achievements made by Rescue Mission. In as much as it is expected of them to courageously move ahead and unravel anything that needs to be unraveled, they are also not expected to be negatively judgmental or vindictive, if their recommendations are filled with intentional negative consequences, it may backfire and Imo people will be the worst hit. It is pertinent to state that some sort of sincerity is required from the committee. The Sub-Committee members are expected to show some level of fairness, no matter what transpired, if you caught somebody stealing it is legally justifiable to give him or her fair hearing. They are not expected to shy away from strong recommendations in areas of obvious need for meaningful improvements; as failure to do so will move Imo State with a reverse gear. It will be better if they present free, fair and justifiable recommendations devoid of any ulterior motive.

Without mincing words, Chief Asoluka and his Sub- Committee have the training, the experience and the network; they should not neglect the need for inputs from people and accept superior arguments because they don’t know it all. Some of the people they may invite could be used as a point of contact, they may come up with productive idea or revealing statement.

There are certain things the sub-committee on projects should not keep your eyes closed over it, particularly when it has to do with stolen property on any ongoing Government project and the state government building allegedly taken over by cronies of the familiocracy governor for instance where they established Thereach FM and TV Station presently managed by his second daughter Mrs Uju Anwuka. Again the case of Imo State University Ogboko, which the governor started when he planned to relocate the ivory tower but was vehemently opposed by Imo people, he later converted it to Eastern Palm University under a hidden Public Private Partnership , it should be properly made a campus of IMSU Orlu Zone and proper compensation be paid to those he grabbed their lands without due process.

In conclusion, all the members Transition Technical Committee deserve commendations for being humble enough to accept the responsibility. There is an atmosphere of liberation and acceptance in Imo State, It shows that majority of Imo people have confidence in their competence and credibility and they are ready to render maximum cooperation in order to rebuild the state from the damages caused by the rejected and expired ‘ Iberiberism administration’ of Owelle Okorocha.


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