Major players in the Entertainment and Hospitality sector in Imo State have drummed support for the State Governor Elect, Hon.Emeka Ihedioha and solicited for their inclusion in his administration, stating that they remain an asset to his incoming government.

In a statement signed by Benjamin Okechukwu Nwokorie, co coordinator of the Association, he said despite the enormous challenges faced by the group in the last eight years, they succeeded in ensuring the growth and development of the entertainment and hospitality sector in the State by giving massive employment to youths thus reducing poverty, crime and other societal vices.

“Many young people have been redirected from violent and destructive roles by the employment opportunities granted by members of this association” Nwokorie stated

 He explained that the association will be an asset to the incoming government of Hon Emeka Ihedioha which makes it imperative for them to be included in the next administration.

The Association’s co-coordinator recalled how the collapse of the education, health, transport sectors including commerce which led to the crumbling of the economy of the State in the last eight years affected the entertainment and hospitality industry but was still able to flourish because of their commitment to the growth and development of the sector.

Part of the statement reads “In spite of the foregoing, the hospitality and entertainment sector of the state has flourished the most. We have seen the emergence of not just new investments but also the influx of foreign investments.

“While several businesses have closed down many more have sprung up and more still are in the offing. Several big names from around Nigeria have set up shop here. We make bold to say that the resilience of the hospitality and entertainment industry, in spite of the situation on ground is due to the direct effort of those who dug in deep and braved the storm”.

He recalled the enormous contribution of the sector to the economy of the State despite its challenges. He stated that the sector is the highest employer of labour in the State above the civil service and provided a lifeline for other sectors in the State to thrive.

According to him, being the highest employer of labour in the State, there is need for the State Governor elect, Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, to include them in the running of affairs of the State by conceding a slot to them in the newly constituted Transition and Technical Committee.

Nwokorie said with the aid of the incoming administration, they will re direct the goals of the sector in the State aimed at taking it to enviable heights which will lead to checkmating unwholesome and unprofessional conduct and practices that hinder the growth of the industry.

“We therefore feel that our wealth of experience, far and deep reach as well as the enormous goodwill we enjoy will prove an asset to the in coming government

According to him, the group is made up of practitioners of hotels, bars, night clubs lounges, restaurants, event centers, event management and those involved in promotional businesses with the relevant experience to transform the hospitality industry for the overall gain and benefit of the State.



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