419 ners and sycophants should stay away from Imo State Governor elect, Hon Emeka Ihedioha. This piece of advice was given to Ihedioha by the President General of Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, John Nwodo

Nwodo spoke in Owerri at the inaugural lecture at held at Imo Trade and Investment Centre.

Nwodo told Ihedioha that he cannot continue with the old ways and must be different, urging him to stay from such dubious person if he must make a difference.

“ Avoid sycophants, political jobbers and 419 ners.

“ You cannot continue with the old ways and be different.

“ You must develop the will to be tenacious, unbendable and resolute in your convictions. You must be selfless

“It is my profound advice that you must make the common man, the poor village fellow as your guage for growth and prosperity. In all you set out to do, you must consistently ask yourself ‘how does it benefit the common man?

“Imo State is the most educated state in Igboland, so I hardly need to canvass here the need to democratise education. But I need to challenge you to change the emphasis to education leveraging on technology.



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