The ceaseless fireworks among top chieftains of the All Progressive Congress, APC, may compel President Muhammadu Buhari to look “beyond the party” in the State to choosing a ministerial nominee.

Reports reaching this newspaper indicate that ahead in the race for ministerial position, top APC Chieftains in the State have resorted to blackmails, intrigues to achieve their intentions.

A source who has been following political undercurrents as regards the scramble for ministerial positions told this newspaper in Abuja that there is no rule that compels the President to appoint a member of his political party or any other political party as a minister.

“This is one fact those in the APC in Imo State fail to understand. The case of Imo is serious. There are too many factions in the party. The Okorocha group is still there. The have interest in the ministerial position as well. Okorocha as a former Governor of the State is also a key stakeholder in the party.

“Then the APC Coalition members are also eying the position. Infact they are fighting dirty over the issue. They are throwing so many tantrums about it. And this can hinder the chances of the party in the State to have a nominee.

They forget that the President is not under compulsion to appoint any of those from this group or any other group as minister from Imo State.

” Hon.Justice Nsofor, the Nigerian Ambassador to the U.S is from Oguta.He is not card carrying member of Imo APC, yet he was made an Ambassador.

“There are many cases like that. Geoffrey Onyeama, the immediate past minister of foreign Affairs, was not a card carrying member of APC. Yet he was made a minister. Infact it was after being a Minister for over two years, that he officially joined the party.

” Though the scenario will change this time, but we must not lose sight of the fact that the President has the right to choose anyone as a ministerial nominee” the source stated.

There has been high level scramble for ministerial position among top Chieftains of the APC from Imo State.

The party is in limbo in the State after losing the governorship election to the PDP and failed to produce a single member of the House of Assembly


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