The selection procedure and the process Certificates of Recognition were accorded some traditional rulers in Imo State during the last administration may be reviewed.

This newspaper observed that a careful study is being undertaken by the present government to asses how Certificates of Recognition were accorded to some traditional rulers including to some underserving persons.

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A source said the State government is deeply worried on how these certificates were indiscriminately awarded and in some cases raised dust in some communities in the State.

“We will review the process. I can tell you that. We may not go further than this.

” Many communities are in dispute over how Certificates of Recognition and even Staff of Office were awarded to some traditional rulers. We are also aware that there are litigations that are trailing these issues.

This newspaper was however unable to verify if the the indiscriminate creation of autonomous communities during Okorocha’s reign will be revisited.

More 500 additional autonomous communities were created in the State, some of them distorting age long historical and cultural ties among communities.

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