The Imo Awareness Coalition, IAC, has given thumbs up to Imo State Governor, Hon.Emeka Ihedioha.

In an interview with our Abuja Correspondent, RALPH EJIMKONYE, leader of the Coalition, Mr. Emmanuel Okwu said Ihedioha has started well barely 40 days in office, but pointed out that more work still needs to be done.

He however advised the Governor not to be deterred by initial challenges but continue marching on the right path.

May We Know You Sir.

My name is Mr.Emmanuel Okwu, President General, Imo Awareness Coalition, IAC. The IAC started as a political study group which made political forecasts and predictions during the elections in Imo State this year. We made some predictions pertaining to the elections in the State and we predicted correctly that the PDP looked good at that time to win the elections. And true to our predictions, it happened the way we predicted.

The group is made up of men and women of diverse background, professionals of Imo extraction who are committed to the good of the State.And we have moved beyond making predictions as we have closely focused on how to make our State better.

How Do You Asses The present Government in Imo State?

It is too early to judge. We are impressed so far with the efforts of the Governor, Emeka Ihedioha. His actions show some considerable level of commitment on his side to perform in office. That is very commendable. That commitment is very important. Some of the actions he has taken are in order but like I said you cannot judge a government that is barely 50 days in office.

Do You Agree That There is Vendetta On The Mind of the Present Govt Against the Past Govt?

It depends on how you assess the government of the day. The Governor has said there is so much rot in the system and if he must move forward, he has to clear the rot. He is the one on the saddle so I believe he has his reasons for going the direction he is going. He who wears the shoe knows where it pinches.

Last week over 600 communities called for the probe of former Governor Rochas Okorocha, what is your take on that

There has been so much misgivings about the past government. I think the allegations raised against the past government are quite serious. They ought to be looked into. What is important is to establish the authenticity of those claims made by those who protested. And I believe if you must get to your destination, you must take a step. So I believe there is so much that has gone wrong in our State and if we must move forward, the past must not be overlooked. But like I said they are just allegations and concerted effort should be taken to prove they are correct or otherwise.

Are You impressed with some of the actions of the present government such as the introduction of TSA

It depends on your assessment of the present Government. Every government has got its style and approach. What is important is that government is conforming to the norms of good governance and responsible leadership.

Governor Ihedioha said his predecessor operated over 250 bank accounts.That is outrageous and unacceptable. I cannot remember in any part of the world where such financial system is operated. So if that is the case, the idea of TSA is commendable. The Federal Government introduced it in 2015 and recently we were told we saved over 11 trillion naira. If we could save that much at the federal level with the TSA, then I see no reason why so much will not be saved here in Imo State.We need every dime to get this State work again.

How Can You Compare The Present and Past Govts In Imo

It is too early for such comparisons. The past government always boasted of building so much structures, but the present government has just declared a state of emergency on infrastructure. So we are watching.We have to wait and see which direction this government is going. But so far I think so good.

There Is This School of Thought That Says This Govt is placing premium on the elites……

The elites regulate the heart beat of the society. You cannot wish them away. I do not believe we should do away with them.

The appointment of the son of Dr(Mrs) Kema Chikwe’s as SA and his junior brother as OCDA Gm and former Governor, Ikedi Ohakim’s son appointed as SA, raised some dust. Are we not seeing a return of what we had witnessed during Okorocha’s reign where the then Governor was accused of wanting his son in law to succeed him?

Well, the Governor has his reasons for deciding to appoint those mentioned. For me what is paramount is competence. If they are competent to hold such positions, fine.

If you say so why the hullabaloo that Okorocha wanted to have his son on law, Uche Nwosu, as successor.

It depends on your perception and assessment of the entire scenario. I think the little difference is one wanting to have his family member take over from him as Governor and another appointing sons of key stakeholders into positions of government.If Uche Nwosu was good enough to take over from Okorocha, he would have been voted in as Governor by the people of Imo State at the elections. But that was not the case after the governorship elections. In this case, Governor Ihedioha deemed it wise to appoint sons of these big men and women may be based on their competencies. I think we should leave it at that.

Former Governor Ikedi Ohakim Was Appointed Chairman of a Sanitation Committee for just a month. Is not belittling the former Governor.

Did Ohakim say he feels insulted by such one month appointment? The answer is no. I think it has to do with what the issue is all about. Ohakim represents the face of a clean Imo State. You remember the Clean and Green programme which he championed when he was Governor. I think he succeeded. So I believe Ihedioha choose a round peg in a round hole for the job. I see nothing wrong with it.

Your Advise to the Governor?

So far so good. But he must be in a hurry to get the State back on track. Imolites are despondent. They need a breather. I believe he is equal to the task. There is still much to be done.

“The elites regulate the heart beat of the society. You cannot wish them away. I do not believe we should do away with them”


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