Imo State Accountant General, Mr.Donald Igbo, has revealed how the present administration of Hon.Emeka Ihedioha set aside monies for 100 percent payment of salaries of workers last month.

Speaking to newsmen in his office in Owerri, Mr.Igbo however revealed how the past administration of Rochas Okorocha indulged and encouraged payment of bloated salaries to some workers.

He said this flowed from discrepancies from submission made by some of the ministries and agencies as regards payment of workers salaries.

“As directed by the Governor, monies were set aside for full payment of salary to workers. But some ministries brought in new things such as over padding.

He said such discovery was made when a commitee set up by the present administration investigated the 70/30 percent modalities for payment of salaries reached by the past administration and the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC

He said in such arrangement shocking discoveries not approved in the salary structure were discovered.

“Some claimed something personal was approved for them.Some of the people were having 200 percent as their salary.

Mr.Igbo stated that the salary structure of level 1-6 in some ministries was about 115 percent instead of what was contained in the NLC State Government agreement.

” Levels 8,9, 10, 12 got 94 percent which was less than 3 percent. Some of the workers were over paid. This was as a result of over padding and other issues that were brought in by the ministries.

” There is a commitee that will look into these issues. It is wrong for anyone to misrepresent the facts and say the Governor did not approve 100 percent payment of salaries to workers. Some elements are just portraying us in bad light.

He said the present administration would stick to paying 100 percent to workers.

Earlier in her remarks, the Head of Service, Mrs. Nma Eluwa, expressed the unflinching commitment of the State Governor to re invigorate the State workforce.



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