Senator Samuel Anyanwu, has alleged that certain forces at the federal level within the ranks of the PDP conspired to deny him the governorship ticket of the party in Imo State.

Reacting to media reports that he is on the verge of leaving the PDP, Senator Anyanwu said there is no iota of truth in the report.

He said he cannot leave a house he helped to build.

“It is an inconvertible fact that I helped to nurture PDP in Imo State especially at a time the party was down. As a Senator and the highest political office holder from Imo State, I invested heavily financially and toured the entire 27 LGAs of the State in a bid to shore up the dwindled image of the party.

He said he lost to certain Federal forces in the party in spite of the fact he was the most preferred choice of party faithful.

“I contested for the governorship of the party and only lost to certain Federal forces in the party in spite of the fact that I was the most preferred choice for our party faithful in the State.

He said he went to court to challenge the outcome of the exercise because he felt cheated.

“I challenged the outcome of the predetermined exercise to the highest court of the land because I felt cheated.

“Though the Supreme Court in their own wisdom has ruled, I have now left everything in the hands of God and I m still a strong member of PDP because my political future does not begin and end with the last guber contest. So there is basically no basis for leaving the party.

He said assuming he wants to leave the PDP, he will not do so through the backdoor.

Senator Anyanwu stated that it is utterly mischievous the insinuation in the report that there was an alleged plan to suspend him from the party.



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