There is mad craze for endorsement and “political anointing” by aspirants who are craving to be nominated as Chairmanship candidates of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in the 27 local governments of the State.

With the State Independent Electoral Commission, ISIEC, on the verge of rounding up preparations for the polls which may hold in December 2019, those interested in the contest are not relenting in advancing their aspirations.

This newspaper had reported last week that despite the body language of some of the Chairmen of Interim Management Commitees to take part in the polls, aspirants within the fold of the party who are nursing ambitions to become Council Chairmen have besieged god fathers and those who have the ears of the Governor seeking to be “anointed” for the Chairmanship position.

In many of the local governments, it was observed that party leaders who intend to seek for one public office or the other are using the forthcoming local government election to install their surrogates and political footsoldiers ahead of 2023.

This newspaper observed that the level of lobbying from the aspirants have intensified despite the fact ISIEC is yet to officially release time table for holding the polls.

Aside the ongoing consultations embarked on by the Chairmanship aspirants, most of them have besieged the homes of party leaders for anointing.

But a top level source within the top hierachy of the party said the process of nominating the party’s chairmanship candidates will be free, fair and transparent.

When inquired on the level of “political anointing” sought by some of the aspirants, he said ” I do not understand what you mean by political anointing. The process of selecting candidates will be free and fair and transparent. We won election in this State because the PDP discarded imposition and opted for democratic process in electing it’s candidates.

“Our Governor is a product of due process and such measure will be applied in the choice of candidates” he said



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