The migration of the Istrealites to Egypt, according to Biblical account, was never planned neither did the people ever foresaw themselves moving in droves to a country that was to later metamorphose into their plunderer.

The Israelites moved into Egypt because God had designed it to be so, such that through their stay in the land of Pharaoh, He will be magnified as the Omnipotent, Ominiscent, and the author and finisher of human life and endeavours.

God used the young Joseph and also the obdurate king Pharaoh to edify Himself. When it was time to set the Israelites free from Pharaoh’s iron,oppressive and suffocating grip, God anointed Moses to carry out His wish of setting His people free. Remember, Moses himself, was also raised up in King Pharaoh’s palace as a prince before he was divinely chosen to liberate the Israelites.

Alas, when time came, God led the Israelites through the Red Sea, caused the mighty sea to divide into two and the people passed through on dry land. The Egyptians, despite being awed by this divine manifestation of God , stubbornly pursued their preys, erroneously believing that they could out smart God but ended up perishing in the Red Sea.

This is a story of the liberation of the Israelites well known to everyone, but which ironically, most of us have failed to sublimely appreciate the lessons inherent therein.We just read for reading sake without painstakingly making an inquest to ascertain the ambiguous nature of God’s ways.

The point am trying to make here is that the emergence of Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha as the Governor of Imo State, wasn’t a happenstance. It was divinely arranged by God Himself to tell Imolites “weep no more for I, the Lord your God, has heard your cries and prayers for help. “

Rochas Okorocha’s eight years, was monumental disaster. God, perhaps in His infinite wisdom which surpasses any human knowledge, knew what Okorocha came to do abinitio . He however, allowed it happen so that Imo people would learn not to give vain glory to man.

Okorocha today, is a horror in the sight of Imolites. He saw himself as a smart guy like King Saul in the Bible. He thought he could mesmerize everybody including the Almighty God Himself, with his oratory prowess and swags .

He assumed the seat of power in Imo State under pretence, dropping God’s name with reckless abandon and the gullible ones, fell for it. He pretentiously sang God’s praises and quoted the scriptures even more than the Pharisees,Sadducees and our modern clerics could do, just to hoodwink the people. He succeeded.

But can ordinary man deceive God, his maker? Of course, that’s not possible.

Okorocha,in his foolery, only proved today, to be a very poor student of history. He never learnt from downfall of his ilks -late Kings Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon ,Pharoah of Egypt ,Herod of Jerusalem ,Emperor Bokassa of Central African Republic, Field Marshall Idi Amin Dada of Uganda, Mobutu Seseku of for Zaire now DR Congo,our own Sani Abacha and other world despots.

He ruled Imo ruthlessly. Financial malfeasance and mismanagement were glorified. Imo became a lawless enclave where rule of law was a taboo, government institutions collapsed just as infrastructure in the State became grossly decapitated.

Yet, Okorocha, Imo’s maximum ruler in a democracy, praised himself as the best thing to have happened to the State and her people. He was above the law.

Civil and public servants cringed at the thought of Okorocha succeeding himself with his son in-law, Uche Nwosu, an innocent looking but naive and desperate fellow. Imo was on the threshold of another reign of terror and hopelessness should Okorocha succeed in his self succession plan throw Nwosu.

Imo people remembered Rehoboam, the son of King Solomon (the prototype of Uche Nwosu),who told his elders that “whereas my father chastised you with whip, I will chastise you with Scorpion.” They cried to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for help.

But God was not asleep. He knew Okorocha’s time was up.He had allowed every scene in Imo to play out so that His authority and supremacy shall be felt.

God sent Moses as metamorphosed in Emeka Ihedioha to go forth and liberate Imo and her people, and also rebuild the State as Nehemiah rebuilt the city of Jerusalem. Anyone who had followed keenly, events which preceded Ihedioha’s victory,can readily attest that it was as act of God.God caused confusion in his opponents political camps to allow His will for Imo people to prevail.

I then ask : can man retrieve something placed firmly in God’s hands? Of course, that’s an impossibility. I tell anyone who who is reading this piece, that “it will be easier for a Carmel to pass through the eye of a needle than for that to happen”.

Ihedioha himself, has so far shown consistency with abiding faith in God. Despite the orchestrated but petty media diatribes against him, the land mines and booby traps laid every where by Okorocha, Ihedioha has continued to exhibit capacity, courage, focus, firmness, determination and above all,honesty of purpose.

He has gone ahead to even check mate himself from any attempt to indulge in financial aggrandizement through the introduction of the Treasury Single Account (TSA ) system, restored local government councils autonomy and plucked leakages in government’s revenues and finances . While many governors in Nigeria are dodging these measures, Ihedioha is busy implementing them. This is leadership by example rather than precepts.

It is imperative to point here that, the essence of this piece is not to outline the quantum achievements recorded by Ihedioha within just 100 days in office.Rather,it is an attempt to inform Imo people that the best of Ihedioha is yet to come.

I don’t believe in 100 days in office assessment. It is very impressionistic and misleading. Okorocha used it to brain wash Imo people and today, where are the hog wash projects of Okorocha?

Imo is battered and destroyed in all facets by Okorocha . He was unarguably, a very callous and wicked governor, and still is even out of office now . My happiness is that he is presently wining and dining with the laws of retributive justice, karma and nemesis. There is no peace for the wicked.

And for those still fighting Ihedioha, I advice them to have a rethink. Everything is not politics.They should know when God is at work as in the present circumstance. Let them put on their thinking cap like Balak did and reason out of the box.

That God used Ihedioha to get Imo people out of bondage in Egypt, from the hands of Okorocha and across the Red Sea never to return to Egypt ,ought to be food for thought to those still challenging his governorship victory. I challenge such people and ask them to see how God shall Himself not just in relation to the tribunal cases, but also in the governance of Imo.

It is equally instructive to point out to any doubting Thomas, that Ihedioha, having being saddled with a divine mandate, shall complete his mission and vision of rebuilding Imo before leaving the seat of governance. It is axiomatic that “whom God has blessed, no man can curse, “

Gladly and to the glory of God, Imo is alive again.

Mr.Eweama can be reached on 08035529265


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