The South East Youth Coalition has said it will soon embark on shortlisting “Presidential hopefuls” from the South East, that will be compelled to take part in the race for the Presidency in 2023.

In a statement signed by President of the Youth Coalition, Cajethan Dike and sent to, the group said Igbo must put forward it’s best for the Presidential contest in 2023.

It said “as part of its contributions to the actualisation of a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction, it will soon embark on the process of shortlisting credible Igbos who posses the capacity and clout to become President of Nigeria in 2023.

The Coalition noted that it decided to take up the task having observed the lukewarm attitude of most Igbo politicians towards the 2023 presidential contest.

“We are not choosing Presidential aspirants from Igboland, rather we are making useful contributions to the actualisation of a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction in 2023.

“We have six persons of Igbo origin on our radar whom we believe can lead this nation. A Nigerian of Igbo extraction that will be acceptable to all geo political zones in the country.

“A friend of the North, an ally of the South West and a brother to all the geo political zones in the country

“The process of shortlisting the presidential hopefuls will be painstaking and thorough. We are not imposing them on anybody. We will not converge at a place and come up with names.

“We have modalities, a rigourous process that will ensure we do a thorough job in unveiling the best six credible presidential materials from Igboland.

The Coalition said it will ” reach out to other Youth Bodies in the North and other geo political zones, to drum support for an Igbo becoming President in 2023.




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