Chairman, Interim Management Committee, Owerri Municipal Council, Hon.Ebere Chukwemeka, has stated that at no time did he say non Owerri Indigenes cannot own Shops or land in Owerri.

He said both Indigenes and non Indigenes are entitled to own lands and properties in Owerri.

According to him, he said he never made such statement, saying it is untrue and the handiwork of enemies of the government who want to pull him down.

He said such statement was crafted by his detractors and propagandists whose stock in trade is to blackmail and resort to cheap lies against him.

He said non Indigenes are qualified to own Shops and properties in Owerri Municipal, pointing out that he is not in charge of Owerri Capital Development Authority, OCDA, or Commissioner For lands who deals with landed properties.

He said he will resist any attempt by anyone to cause disaffection between Indigenes and non Indigenes in Owerri, stating that Indigenes have been living in peace and harmony with Owerri Indigenes


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