I am very glad, and I feel highly fulfilled, that at Last Justice has been served on the Imo governorship election matter. This rare victory is victory from God Almighty. It is victory that reminds us that as God of Justice, our Heavenly Father will never abandon the course of Justice. Even when the road is rough, daunting and hazy he remains faithful 
I therefore dedicate this victory to God. Indeed I lack enough words to express my debt of gratitude to the Almighty. To him be glory, praise and adoration forever and ever. Amen.

In this historic moment, the judiciary stands out for special commendation. Once again that revered temple of Justice has by this historic judgement reassured Nigerians in general and Imo people in particular that the judiciary remains the real bastion of hope for Justice. History will remember that in the face of a spirited attempt to subvert Justice with a web of smartly crafted technicalities, the judiciary did not cave in but instead painstakingly untangled that web and ensured that Justice was done in the end. This diligent attention to the course of Justice is truly salutary. I duff my cap for them for restoring confidence in our judicial process

To my wonderful and exceptionally outstanding supporters and admirers, I say to you all thank you very much indeed. I thank you for your resilience in the face of intimidation. I thank you for your perseverance in the face of suffocating deprivation . I thank your for your tenacity in the face of uncertainty. I thank you for your relentless prayers and encouragement. I can never thank you enough.

I must admit that the success of today could not have been possible without the unwavering support of the Leadership of our great party ,The All Progressives Congress (APC).I extend my profound gratitude to the national chairman ,Commrade Adams Oshimole, the national working committee, Imo state leaders of the party and all party members for their dogged support to our daunting quest for Justice

I say to all the good people of Imo state that this is the time ,and indeed the hour,for us to join hands and build the new Imo of prosperity for all. This is the great victory every Imo son and daughter has been waiting for. Now it has been actualised to the glory of God. And I assure your that irrespective of political party this victory is for all Imo people because it is victory against corruption. It is victory against impunity. It is victory for Justice. Be rest assured that no one shall be isolated or excluded from governance on account of polical party, religion, place of origin or social orientation. We all have equal stake in the new Imo state

My government shall be a faithful covenant between the people and the government. I shall execute, with utmost diligence and fidelity, the five cardinal programmes of my administration anchored on the three R,s of Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Recovery, to ensure prosperity for every one

We shall put in place an efficient and effective Imo state factory room of good governance for the ceaseless production of economic prosperity, accountability, Justice and equity. Every Imo person shall have a say in government and shall be so recognized

Our doors are wide open to all, including my political opponents. I invite everyone to join hands with me in the new factory room to produce enduring prosperity for our people

For those who conspired against me to rob me of my hard earned and well deserved victory in the governorship election, I forgive you all. I enjoin you to purge yourself of profligate tendencies and join me in the new Imo state workroom,so that in truth and love we can work together to make life better for our people and make Imo state the pride of the nation

Against the backdrop of where we are coming from, the need for the government to take off on a clean clear slate should not be overemphasized. Consequently, the Account General is hereby directed to forward to my office within 24 hours a comprehensive statement of finance stating all income and expenditure from may 29 last year to today. Similarly all permanent secretaries and heads of parastatals and government agencies are to submit to my office within 48 hours a comprehensive statement of contracts awarded within the same time line, clearly indicating the contract and contractor, date of award, stage of contract and payments made.

Once again I give God all the glory for this victory and I dedicate it to Him and to him alone. While I say a big thank you to Imo people for standing by me all through these difficult months, let me use this opportunity to say to all of you: Orule na omume. The new Imo state of our dream is here at last. And this is the hour to come and join hands with me in the factory room to produce a better, prosperous Imo state

Thank you all and Godbless.



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