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The Peoples Democratic Party PDP has said the grounds for the reversal of Imo judgement “are unambiguously constitutional and completely distinct from APC’s attempt to blackmail the Supreme Court with their demands on the Bayelsa and Zamfara States”

In a statement signed by it’s National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbodiyan shortly after the Supreme Court stood down APC review application seeking the reversal of the apex court sack of Bayelsa State Governor elect, David Lyon, the PDP hailed the judgement on the Bayelsa State governorship election, but noted “that the elements and grounds for the demands by the PDP and majority of Nigerians for the reversal of Imo State governorship election judgement are completely different from those of Bayelsa”

The PDP explained “that it’s demand on Imo is not in anyway in contestation of the authority and finality of the Supreme Court affirm it’s infallibility by correcting the inherent mistakes in the judgement which came as result to it by the APC”

The party stated “that the only reason APC was pushing for a review of the Supreme Court’s valid and flawless judgement on the Bayelsa and Zamfara governorship elections was to cause confusion and blackmail the Supreme Court from treating the Imo case on merit”

The party urged the “Supreme Court not to succumb to the threats and blackmail by APC to push it restrain itself from looking at the merit of the Imo case, correcting the mistakes and reversing the flawed judgement”



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