The Imo Awareness Coalition, a Watchdog group in Imo State, has advised legislators, from the State, both at the State and Federal levels, to return to their constituents, and put in place measures, to contain the spread of coronavirus in their various constituencies .

Speaking to INNONEWS in Owerri, President of the group, Emmanuel Okwu, said it is not enough for legislators to sit in the comfort of their homes and issue directives to their constituents on how to avoid the Covid 19 pandemic.

“I read a press release from one of our legislators advising his constituents to stay safe. What does that mean? He should do more than that. It is part of their oversight functions.

“They should complement the efforts of the State government. If they can go out and aid the State government to set up isolation centers, it will go a long way to safeguard our people from the pandemic.

” If each of the lawmakers set up isolation centers in their various domains and kick start enlightenment programmes in their various constituencies, even if it means distributing sanitizers for free, you can imagine how far that can go in the fight against Covid 19 across the State.

“It is a more proactive measure than to sit somewhere and give manual instructions. They should emulate other Nigerians who have done so much to aid the Federal Government to fight the pandemic

Recall that the IAC had called on the Imo State Government to shut down schools and tertiary institutions in the State when the index case of Covid 19 was reported in the country


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