The Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Imo State, have slammed a meeting of “some disgruntled elements who claim to be NUJ stakeholders on 25th March, 2020”

A statement signed by Chris Akaraonye, NUJ Chairman and Juliet Dim, Secretary reads:

“The attention of the Executive of NigeriaUnion of Journalists (NUJ) Imo State Council has been drawn to a meeting of some disgruntled elements who claim to be NUJ Stakeholders on 25th March 2020.

“These persons issued a baseless communique where they among other issues issued a vote of no confidence on the NUJ National President, Deacon Chris Isiguzo. If these people are responsible journalists they ought to have known that the NUJ is a union with structure of national, zonal, state couuncils and chapels.

“They should have known that the national president has nothing to do with the day to day running of any state council and Imo State is no exception.

“We wish to warn these persons to desist from being used to pursue a campaign of calumny against the person of National President or be ready to face disciplinary actions.

“The NUJ IMO State Council had been having it’s congresses (meetings) and some of the self acclaimed NUJ Stakeholders have never deemed it fit to attend any of these meetigs if they are truly members of the union.

“We want to place it on record that the selfaccalimed stakeholders have been at the industrial court to kick against the last state council elections that birthed the present executives.

“These same persons with their other disgruntled allies, some who are facing investigation over forgery have been peddling rumours that the leadership of Imo NUJ has sold the press centre.

“The NUJ Press centre is an eternal asset of the union which no one no matter how highly placed can or will ever be able to sell.The rumour of purported attempt to sell the Press centre by the so called stakeholders is unfounded & unimaginable because if they are journalists as claimed how much more NUJ statekeholders they should have known that the Press centre is a sancrosanct Asset But like in their usual smoke screen attitude & chasing the red herring mindset,fraught with lies, blackmails & deceits to hoodwink the general public, It’s a pity that their game has come to naughty end.

“Imo NUJ executives wants to place it on record that it is only chapel chairmen and secretaries who together with executives as SEC members have the privilege of taking decisions on behalf of the council.

“We urge the public to ignore any communique from anybody or persons claiming to be stakeholders as Imo NUJ is a union of peaceful and law-abiding citizens.

“We assure genuine members of the NUJ in Imo that the Chris Akaraonye led executive will always carry them along and protect their interest at all times


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