Chairman, Covid 19 Commitee in Imo State, Prof Maurice Iwu, has given an update on measures taken by the Commitee to prevent the virus from getting to the State.

He said Fancy Hotel, which was locked down after some persons were released after testing negative to the virus, will soon be fumigated.

” This is about the second week since we were inaugurated. We have been working everyday. We have been reviewing some of our plans….

“We tested some people and they have tested negative. The Governor has been helpful to us even with the shortest period of time.

He said his Commitee has focused attention on prevention of the virus in the State

“80 percent of our efforts is on Prevention. If we have a case, it will be reversed.All we are doing now is prevention. What we are doing now is to reach out to the local government areas because we want everybody to be involved in this battle to defeat the virus.

On those released from quarantine at Fancy Hotel in Umuguma, he said ” Those quarantined at Fancy Hotel have been released and when they were going, government gave them transport aid. Even when they were there, the government took care of them. There is a plan to fumigate fancy hotel on Wednesday this week.



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