The Imo State government has been advised to relax the lock-down in the state for two days, and direct the compulsory use of face masks and hand gloves for all residents of the state.

The State is yet to witness a confirmed case of Covid 19.

The Imo Awareness Coalition, IAC, a watchdog group  in a statement in Owerri and endorsed by its spokesman, Fidelis Echendu, said with the lock-down biting citizens of the state in the face of non- payment of salaries to workers, “the viable option, though subject to medical evaluation by health experts, is to relax the lockdown for two days”

“During the two days, everyone coming out of his or her home should be compelled to put on face masks and hand gloves or risk arrests by law enforcement agents

“Ebonyi State is about to practice this policy and the State Governor is commiteed to enforce such policy to the latter. He even suggested that defaulters should be given strokes of the cane

“We must adopt strategies that suit us in the fight against Covid 19. If workers are complaining that they have not been paid salaries, the option is to relax the lockdown and make room for the people, to carter for themselves.

“Survey carried out by the IAC, shows that there is so much discontent in the land as a result of the lockdown. We advise the state government to take alternate measures.

“Since it had relaxed the lockdown for residents to shop for Easter, it can equally do same by allowing people to engage in economic activities for 48 hours to cushion the adverse impact of the lockdown on the economy of the State” ICA stated.   



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