It is not in doubt that Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State has not hidden his desire to accommodate his allies, who weathered the storm with him through out the turbulent political campaigns enroute to his occupation of the Douglas House, the seat of power in Imo.

It is also a truism that his spirit of accommodation and reward mentality without compromising competence and hard work,has continued to elicit unending commendations from both political analysts and the public, who see such as unprecedented in the history of political leadership in the State. The analysts argue that the governor’s attitude of appreciating his own would serve as a wake up call for others aspiring for leadership positions to understand that leadership is a collective endeavour, and a leader should show and lead by exemplary conducts, and not by mere precepts.

However, as it is characteristic in our clime,some commentators (though infinitesimal) of late, seem to be expressing reservations on his modus operandi for making some appointments. They seem bemused by the governor’s unique style adopted in making these appointments.

For instance, the idea of appointing aides without their portfolios attached thereto, though novel appears strange to some of the government’s critics . Frankly, in Imo, this seems out of tune with established practices or conventions before now. But then, life is dynamic and the only constant thing in life is change. Conventions nevertheless, are not laws unless domesticated in our law status, which of course, is not the case in the instant discourse.

It should also be noted that Imo people are not averse to progressive change,especially a changed tailored towards a shared prosperity in the State;a change geared towards redefining governance in Imo, and making the people accessible to their leaders;a change aimed at preparing the youths and the younger generation of Imo youths for tomorrow’s leadership roles. That is perhaps, the fulcrum of Governor Uzodinma’s unique concept of shared prosperity by my own appraisal.

Besides, a leader who really knows his onions like Uzodinma, must endeavour to do certain things differently without losing sight of the fact that government is a continuum. That he appointed some aides without immediately attaching their portfolios may be strategic to him. To me, “it will be wrong to count one’s chicks before the eggs are hatched, ” as Prof Chinua Achebe of the blessed memory once admonished.

I therefore see no reason whatsoever for the hullabaloo being raised by a handful of people about such a development. It should not breed any modicum of brouhaha because it is not unconstitutional neither has it slowed down, or negatively affected the wheel of governance in the State.

Unless someone wants to act like an imp to achieve a mischievous agenda, the non declaration of certain portfolios of the appointees is not Imo’s headache for now. The Covid-19 pandemic is the real wahala facing the State.

To rational minds, it will tantamount to official insensitivity to attach more attention to sorting out political portfolios in preference to confronting head – on, the scourge which is threatening to wipe out the human race globally, Imo inclusive. The appointees can afford to tarry a while, after all “chi boro afor, abola nkwo.” Would Imolites have preferred Governor Uzodinma to emulate and act like late Emperor Nero of Rome, who dwelt in making merriment with his friends and cronies while Rome was in turmoil. Of course, no.

Leadership is not a Tea Party or jamboree. It requires amongst others, focus, patience and being in firm control of the system on the part of the leader . As at now, the major key components of any government’s administrative engine are effectively on ground in Imo, namely, the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Chief of Staff to the Governor (CoS), Principal Secretary to the Governor, Chief Press Secretary and of course, the Honorable Commissioners with their Permanent Secretaries in the respective Ministries, Agencies and Parastatals. With this configuration, the government is fully set and on ground.

I honestly do not see the rational for raising furore over assigning portfolios to some Special Advisers and other appointees who would help further drive down government’s message.Objectively, it smacks of insensitivity and callousness for anybody to attempt to hype the issue and turn it into a tool for pernicious propaganda against the governor.

The governor is not bound by any known law to announce the portfolios at a stipulated time. It is his peroragative to do so at any time he considers it convenient for him. He is wearing the shoes and therefore, knows better how they fit him. Besides “must anyone cry more than the bereaved? “

I implore some of our critics to be more circumspect in their criticism. They should rather empathize with the governor in this trying period instead of always struggling in futility to excavate mud to throw at him.

Let me reiterate again for the avoidance of doubt, my firm stand on the essence of constructive criticism in a democracy. It can’t be wished away by anybody no matter how powerful or opulent.

However, when supposed critics leave substance to pursue shadow and irrelevancies, such persons end up making a caricature of themselves.Criticism is necessarily meant to serve public interest, and not just to massage anyone’s unaltruistic egos or interest.

Kennedy Eweama (08035529265)


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