Worried by reports that some people in Nigeria are still of the opinion that the Coronavirus pandemic is a scam, Hon. Dom Ekeigwe, an American based Social work expert, has advised his people of Ehime Mbano Council Area of Imo State to meticulously obey all the hygiene protective directives prescribes by the World Health Organization (WHO), for staying safe against the virus.

He maintaines that the Covid-19 deadly disease is real.

Ekeigwe who is a native of Umueleke community in Ehime Mbano Council Area of Imo State, expressed this concern in a telephone interview, lamenting that anyone who insists that Coronavirus is a ploy by advanced countries and their third world counterparts, to feather their International politics and reap off their people respectively should be seen as an enemy to the global Community.

According to him ” I am passionately advising every citizen of Imo State and Ehime Mbano in particular that they should be very, very careful and be serious with my advise, and as an American trained Social worker with over 20 years experience, am honestly telling all and sundry that Coronavirus is real and it’s devastating effects are equally real, the only strategic measures to avert it is to obey the simple hygiene methodology of regular washing of hands with soap in a running water, robbing of sanitizers in the hands, usage of the nose and mouth mask , keeping Social or Physical distance and above all sit at home. It is only the living that makes a living” he advised.

The Social worker re-emphasised on the need for people to be meticulous in obeying all the necessary safe hygiene directives until the pandemic is over assuring that the Coronavirus pandemic will soon be over like any other life threatening challenges and prayed that they all will be alive to tell the stories.

Ekeigwe who is popularly known as Onwa (Moon) was the 2019 Social Democratic Party (SDP) House of Assembly candidate of the council area and ran the election under the Apostles of Change Campaign organization.

Ekeigwe further pointed out that as part of his humane and philantropic nature that he recently assisted in the mobilization of prominent Ehime Mbano People in United States of America in making contributions to the relief materials and cash they brought home and distributed among the populace as palliatives to cushion the effects of the Lock down.

He also revealed that he has gone an extra mile to personally provide relief materials and cash to members of his ancient community as well as members of SDP in the local government area


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