A former member of the House of Representatives, Hon Tony Nwulu, has appealed to Governor Hope Uzodinma forgive, and have mercy on Mr. Ambrose Nwaogwugwu.

Mr Nwaogwugwu, Director General, New Media, of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Imo State, was detained by the DSS for posting ‘inciting comments’ on Governor Hope Uzodinma on the social media

In a 20 minute video released on Monday, Nwulu, widely remembered for sponsoring the Not Too Young To Run bill in the House of Representatives, which was assented into law by President Muhammadu Buhari, said though he does not subscribe to acts exhibited by Mr. Nwaogwugwu, he should be forgiven for his sins.

He said “I m not a fan of Ambrose Nwaogwugwu. And I do not believe that our younger ones should insult our elders or public officers, either appointed or elected.

He said Mr. Nwaogwugwu’s action is a reflection of how low Imo youths have sunk because of their neglect and abandonement by sucessive administrations in the State.

“His case is reflection of how our youths have been damaged in the State.Governor Hope, what you did not realise was that when you came into office and began to fix the roads, you did not realize that our youths also needed rehabilitation.

Nwulu, who participated in the 2019 governorship election in Imo State, said Imo youths have been neglected by successive administrations in the State, which failed to evolve a roadmap for their development and empowerment.

“The youths have suffered, abused under successive administrations in Imo State.Some of them were used for thuggery by politicians during elections.

“They were engaged by politicians and when they are given small amount of money, they go online to destroy themselves. Every youth in the State wants to be a wannabe journalist.

“Imo youths have been drained intellectually.They are the same youths our politicians tell, to go and snatch ballot boxes during elections.

“They need empowerment. They need rehabilitation. Governor Hope, you can extract their skills and harness it for the benefit of the State. They are your children. You are the father of the State. I advise you to call them (the youths) together and try to change their perception.

“Please tamper justice with mercy on Ambrose Nwaogwugwu and forgive him” Nwulu pleaded.


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